So, I Did a Thing….

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m very goal oriented. I’m constantly trying to attain things. I don’t know why I’m like this, but I’m the type of person that always looks ahead. Options, potential, these are things that really pump me up.

Then there’s this other part of me that wants to hibernate in my bed and just watch Netflix all day. I’m in the process of racing through The Blacklist, which I’m on season 5. I think my drive to work out is so that I don’t succumb to that and just watch my phone all day.

So, I digress… what did I do? Two things actually. #1, I signed up for my first half marathon on May 7th. That is daunting. I’ve not run more than 7.2 miles in my life. And, with my sciatica, well, that’s always been an issue. And then, I did another thing. Even more daunting. I signed up for a 70.3 Ironman in NY on September 23rd.


I have only done sprint triathlons to this date. I tried to do an Olympic at the NYC tri over the summer, but they cut it short due to the heat. Not to mention, I was so overcome that I ended up at the end in the medic area getting oxygen (I’m fine and wow, I’d love oxygen at the end of every event! I’d even pay for that! LOL)

But, now I have what to do. I’m starting a run program with GLIRC on Feb 11th that will train me for the half marathon and in the meantime, I’ll increase my swimming and biking so that when I finish that race on May 7th, I’ll rest the next day, and then start in earnest the triathlon training for the 70.3. The race is near my house, I swim in the bay there all summer, I bike there on my solo cycle runs and the course is relatively flat. How could I not do this? If there were one 70.3 to do, this is it.

Oh, and I might try to publish one book. I’ve got a book called TAKEN I’m in final edits of. I don’t know how I feel about this book. Is it good? Bad? I just don’t know and so I’ve been sitting on it! Crazy, I know. I should just get it out to the world. But, if you want to read a fun book, go get THE DOOR ON THE RIGHT, which is my newest sci-fi apocalyptic release. Love to hear what you think!

Anyone else doing anything crazy this year? Any races, big book launches, life changes? Let me know!


Last September, 2021, I was asked by some writing friends to do NANOWRIMO with them. That’s this nationwide writing exercise where in November you write about 1600 words a day, every day for a month, so that at the end of the November you have the start of a novel. Well, I agreed to do it, not knowing WHAT I was going to write about until the night before. On Oct 31, 2021, I had a dream about the actress Hayden Paniettere (from her Bring It On movie days) and in this dream, she was stuck living her entire life in this one building. When I woke up, I just started writing, with the main female protaganist (who is also named Hayden and is blond) about a group of children who are prisoners in a building that they can never leave. That’s how THE DOOR ON THE RIGHT came to be.

I love geeky science and sci-fi and the novel morphed into this cool dystopian, post apocalyptic tale that I think people will enjoy. Lots of cool reveals the further you get in the book.

Here’s the blurb:

In a world devastated by a ruthless virus, 13 orphan teens cling to survival in Harlin House, a safe Haven created for them by a mysterious group called the Handlers. With no immunity to the virus and time running out, they discover that all is not as it seems, and their lives – and the world beyond theirs – are trapped in a terrifying nightmare far more hellish than they could ever imagine.

The novel is available on e-book, kindle, KDP select and paperback on Amazon here:

And don’t forget – they make great gifts to send to others too for the holiday!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Canada:

Love to hear what you think of it! As always, an honest review is always appreciated.

Do You Goal Set?

Every January I try to set a goal for the year. Yes, I’m one of those people that is always striving to reach for something – probably why I’m a sales rep in my day job. Goals became a big thing for me when I hit my 40th birthday. Something happened and I knew I needed to jump start my life. I started publishing my novels and the first was my Supernatural Deaf Thriller FLYING TO THE LIGHT and then I proceeded to publish a novel pretty much once or twice a year after that. I also decided to go for my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. It took me six years but I finally got that coveted belt! This is me at a tournament. (which, by the way, was a load of fun!)

But then my 50th birthday came and again I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I decided I wanted to try to train for triathlons. And I did it. I really like sprint triathlons which are about a 500-750 yard swim, a 16 mile or so bike ride (sometimes less) and usually a 5K run. Doing all three sports really appeals to me and keeps my brain and body busy.

But now it’s 2023, no big birthday this year, and I’m again thinking about goals. I always believe it’s important to put things out to the universe so I’m going to just say it – I’m going to try to run a half marathon this coming year. There, I said it! Universe… take over!

Other news? I’m going to be publishing a new Dystopian Sci Fi thriller on December 16th, so watch for that announcement. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover! What are your goals for 2023? I’d love to hear!

Who Doesn’t Love a Free Book Giveaway?

Hello Fantastic Followers!

Who doesn’t love a book giveaway? I know I do. There are so many amazing authors out there and I can’t tell you how lucky readers are when these authors decide to give some of their best-sellers and award winning books a chance to be read, for FREE. That’s right! Starting on December 1st, you’ll be able to enter the holiday contest for 12 chances using the form on the Best Selling Reads page here.

The books?

  • The Book of Shadow by Bruce Blake
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  • A Heart so Wild by Raine Thomas 
  • Haunted by the Past by Lucy Appadoo 
  • Justice by Jennifer Harlow 
  • The Christmas Well by Janet Oakley
  • Palm Trees & Snowflakes by Scott Bury
  • Christmas in Byron Bay by AJ Llewellyn 
  • A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan 
  • Doing Max Vinyl by Fred Brooke.
  • The Oblivious Girl’s Handbook by DelSheree Gladden

So go ahead and sign up! I know for a fact the emails are never shared and you’ll be introduced to so many wonderful authors. Good luck everyone!

Did you know you could read my books for free?

Hi Everyone, did you know that with one phone call to your local library, you could read my books for free? You can ask your library if they have any of my novels in their system. If they don’t, you can ask them to purchase them. Each library has a budget and an acquisition manager whose job it is to purchase books. Some books to ask for?

The Kelsey Porter 6 book adult thriller series: The Hunt for Xanadu, The Quest of the Empty Tomb, The Call of Mount Sumeru, The Haunting of Cragg Hill House, The Search for Starlight & The Journey Back

The Flying to the Light YA Series: Flying to the Light & Flying to the Fire

Horror: The Mannequins & Ricket Row

If you’re interested in reading my books and owning them, please feel free to go to my page on Amazon here. But, I’d love it if you can call your local library as well! Happy Reading!


These are my novels on the shelves right now at Bryant Library!

Need Motivation? Join a Fitness Social Club

A lot of people join gyms with the hopes of keeping in shape. The hard part is always finding the motivation to keep going. I find what helps me is making myself accountable to a group. While I belong to Lifetime Gym (which I think is one of the nicest gyms on the planet), I have gone ahead and also joined various athletic clubs. Since I train to run sprint triathlons, it’s crucial for me to keep running, cycling and swimming, even outside of the gym.

A social club can help you in so many ways. First, being with people. I find I get so motivated when I watch and train with others. I’ve learned not to compare my own progress, (which is so hard to do) but honestly, when I see someone older than I am, just destroying me? I LOVE IT.

One of my clubs is the Lifetime Social Run Club group out of the Syosset Location. They are amazing with a philosopy of “No person gets left behind.” We do anywhere from 3.2 to 4 or 5 miles. There are different routes and everyone just runs at their own pace and we all meet up at the end and chat.

Another group I do is the Mineola Bicycle club. To be honest, I didn’t do it much last summer but I’ll be back to it this year. It is so great because I bike in the C group which has a leader and sweeper and goes at a bit of a slower pace than the A/B groups. But we’re still doing 20+ miles through really beautiful parts of Long Island.

Lastly, the one that is most challenging for me is the Masters Swim at Tobay Beach. But, OMG, that is fun. I get to wear a wetsuit and we swim in the bay right before sunset over the summer. I find swimming the hardest event, but there’s something wonderful being with people and we’re all trying to get better while swimming in a fantastic location. Not to mention, they have people on boards monitoring us and it makes me feel safe.

What groups do you join to help you achieve your goals? I’d love to hear!

Also, please feel free to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting a lot of my triathlon and fitness journey posts.

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Making Tik Toks from an 80 Year old Cookbook

So, I’ve been doing TikTok videos for a few months now. Most of them have been focused on my novels I’ve created, trends, or maybe even my exercise endeavors. I accumulated about 2500 followers and get a few hundred views to my posts.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, my 94 year old neighbor was throwing out a box of old cookbooks. One of them was the Rumford Complete Cook Book, circa 1940’s printing and since then, I’ve been making some of the recipes and posting them. I’m terrible at this! LOL. I have a beater going at times while I’m talking and no one can hear a darn thing, or it’s shaky because I’m holding it with one hand, etc… that said, people seem to like it a lot! I just hit 23,000 followers and my videos are in the thousands and some have hit 10K, 74K and one over 458K!!! Crazy.

Anyway, if you like to see video step by step recipe tutorials, I’m going to be doing this for a bit more time. Come on over and follow me on TikTok under @elysesalpeter and you can see the direct link here:

I also have a listing for all my social media for you to follow. Check here:

Love to hear from you and see what you think of the recipes!

TITANIUM FLOW, my Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories

This has been a crazy year for all of us. I launched book #6 in my Kelsey Porter series with the release of THE JOURNEY BACK and now I’ve been playing around with a few other novels done in my computer that I haven’t published yet.

One of my novels that doesn’t get a lot of love, but really should, is my science fiction short story collection called TITANIUM FLOW. Gosh, I love these stories and I think they’re some of my best work. Some of these tales are sweet romance sci-fi, some speculative sci-fi and some hard science fiction. Some were featured in magazines and rights were returned to me as well, so these are some strong tales. And at 99 cents, I feel like it offers such a great read. Not to mention, I get a ton of compliments on this book, though there are only 6 reviews on Amazon, which is startling. It’s so very hard to get someone to write a review. They are so much more comfortable just to side IM me vs put it on the web for all to see. But, reviews are incredibly helpful.

Here’s the blurb on Amazon for just some of the short stories in the collection:

TITANIUM FLOW: It was supposed to be a simple mission. Mine the titanium on a deserted world and return it to earth. No one knew they wouldn’t be alone.

In A BAD DAY AT SCHOOL, find out what was in that jar that little Roger brought to school and why it terrified everyone.

In THE GARDEN, discover why a loving husband has walled up a section of his garden in the back of his property. And why he refuses to let anyone go near it.

And in THE FLIP, you learn how very important it is to drink all your tea… because if you don’t, you might simply disappear.

This collection will scratch all the sub-genre itches, from hard science, to speculative fiction, to romance. Discover a new favorite sci-fi genre today!

Happy reading!

When You’re Too Scared to Publish

So, I’ve written over 12 books and countless short stories, but I actually have two finished novels sitting in my computer that I don’t have the nerve to publish.

How weird is that, right? But it’s true. The reason is because these two novels have an angle to them that my other books don’t. #1 they are violent… and #2 they are “spicy.” So spicy and violent that I had an editor who worked with this genre read the one called A LIFE TAKEN and told me, “It’s good, but even I might have nightmares.” OMG. What exactly does that mean? Is that good? I have also had beta readers take a peek at the other novel, tentatively titled TAKEN, and they have nice things to say as well – that said, both books need some serious editing, but it’s the core of each of the novels that concerns me. What will readers think OF ME if they read them? So many times a reader thinks that the author truly believes in the things they write. Does that mean I love violence, love watching terrible things happen to people? I don’t, but we must always remember, this is a fictional story.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child get a lot of flack for the amount of dogs that seem to get killed in their books. I spoke to Douglas about it once at a book signing we attended together and he said it best. “No fictional dogs were actually killed in this fictional book.” We make things up. That’s what authors do.

It’s like an actor getting into a role. They can be the meekest person on earth, but then onscreen they are an extraverted vixen! It’s like that with writing. I had this idea in my head and said, “You know what? Write it, get out of my comfort zone, and see where it goes!”

So, they’re written and yet I don’t have the guts to publish them. But, here’s part of the beginning to A LIFE TAKEN. Its rough – REALLY ROUGH, Don’t bother editing for me. I just felt like if I started to tell the world about this novel, perhaps I’d get the guts to work on it and publish it.

A LIFE TAKEN is about a little girl kidnapped by an “evil entity/corporation” because her parents, who were spies working for them, were caught lying. This girl was sent to a location and schooled on becoming an assassin of the highest order. But, they had to break her down until she was nothing but a mindless killer. Until she had no more emotion left. Until she was nothing but a hollow shell.

Mommy!” That was all I could utter before a strange man me and picked me up hoisted me over his back. I felt my stomach thump hard onto his shoulder and I couldn’t breathe. He bolted out of my house and carried me like I was nothing but a sack of garbage while my father ran by his side and pleaded with him to let me go.

     My mother screamed and fell to her knees while the man hauled me into the car. The baby doll I carried dropped to the pavement and I heard the porcelain head crack and shatter.

     I kicked and shrieked, but a woman inside the car grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. I tried to bite her and she smacked me hard in the face. Sobbing, I turned to the window, seeing my sister Elizabeth standing next to my brother and other sister, in shock.

     I shivered violently. It was cold that day and the man hadn’t bothered to get my jacket. The woman reached over and grabbed the harness and locked me in and I couldn’t move. I spit at her and she smacked me again, this time harder and I saw stars. The next few minutes were a whirlwind of horror. My mother racing to the car and throwing herself onto my kidnapper. Her raking her nails down his cheeks and him punching her. She fell to the pavement, got up and lunged again, swerving by him and slamming her hands into the glass window next to me. She beat against the glass, begging them to let me go. That she “was sorry.”

     I lifted my hands, calling for her through my tears. My father was behind her, fighting with someone and I saw one of them take a gun and hit him in his temple. Someone else grabbed my mother and threw her to the ground.

     Car doors opened and slammed as others filled the vehicle. One man shoved himself next to me and the other jumped into the front seat and took the wheel.  The man next to me took out his gun and trained it on my mother, who had yet again made it to the car door.  In English he spoke to my parents, in an accent I later learned was German. “It’s your own fault this happened. You have no one to blame but yourselves for this. Did you think they would simply allow you to go against them? Now she’s ours as punishment. If you don’t want to lose the rest of them, I suggest you start obeying orders. They won’t give any of you a second chance.”

     And with that, the car sped away and my life as I knew it was over. I had one last look at my family standing in the front yard of our house, my sisters and brothers stunned, my parents bleeding and crying. I remember the look in my mother’s eyes and it took me until I was older to understand what her haunted expression meant. Back then, I thought she was just sad, but I realized it was so much more than that. She was devastated, horrified and fearful for me. For she knew what the Dasien were capable of.     

And she would be right.

Well, folks, there is novel #1 put out to the universe. Now, let’s see what I do with it. Have any of you had this sort of quandary with your own work? Love to hear how you got the guts to release it to the world.

Conquering Your Fears

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve met so many people that absolutely refuse to do things. Things that would actually make them happy, but they don’t, because they are scared. I have someone older, close to me, that refuses to use a computer, or an IPAD. They love to shop, they love to play games, they love to watch old movies and see photos and connect with people, but the fear of learning, or even touching, that device is simply too terrifying for them.

I know someone else who struggles with their health and refuses to exercise (or do more than walking casually) over fear they “won’t feel well,” or that “they’ll do too much” and then won’t feel well. This real fear stops them from doing things they sometimes will casually say, “I wish I were able to do that.”

Fear is a real thing. It’s so easy for us to just say “Oh, suck it up and just do it,” but if the mind is not ready to commit, the body simply won’t follow. Fear can stall you and cause intense distress. I started a new job this year and they mailed me a Mac, and told me we were using Slack, Googlemeets, Googlemail, etc. I’m a big PC Microsoft Office girl. Microsoft Teams. I can do Excel and Powerpoint like a pro. Using Word is as simple as breathing for me. But suddenly at 53, while I’m sitting in my attic office, alone, I’m frozen in fear as I attempted to figure out how to even turn on my Mac. People kept telling me “It’s intuitive and so easy,” but honestly things are only easy if you know what you’re doing. Add on the stress of Covid and there was no one that could even come over and sit with me to help me navigate and learn. I had to google and watch videos over and over to simply learn tricks. The fear at the beginning was palpable and I begged my company to send me a regular PC. But, I have a good friend (and my daughter) who both told me to “stop being such a big baby, and just learn it.” They were right. I was doing exactly the opposite of what I preach. I took 1000 deep breaths, told myself it’s okay if don’t become an expert at this immediately (or over the next month), and just try and learn. I’m a few months into the job and things are better. At least I can navigate around and I won’t lie, I pat myself on the back and congratulate myself when I can actually find a specific email I haven’t touched in a few weeks. It’s NOT as intuitive as everyone under the age of 30 says, but I’m handling it.

Fear is about just “doing it.” Trying, attempting. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be an expert and it’s okay if the learning curve is slow.

I joined an open water swim group last summer. I’m not a great swimmer at all and I was amazed I put myself in a situation where I was going into an open bay, and swimming longer distances than I normally do. I’m not even sure why I did it, but the thrill was there for me and I thought, “why not?” I was trying to become a better swimmer and the idea of using a wetsuit and swimming in open water kind of made me feel a bit like a badass. So, I did it. Was I slow? Oh yeah. But I got stronger. Last night was the first night this year when I rejoined the group. Look at this photo and tell me that taking the chance, swallowing my fear, wasn’t the right choice? How beautiful is that scene? I was again in the slower group, which was FINE. There were four of us, with our own wonderful couch on a paddleboard watching and paddling nearby to make sure we were safe. And I know that even though every single time I step into that bay I have a tingle of fear, I also know that I’m doing something that will feed my soul and make me healthier. I also know how absolutely lucky and fortunate I am that I have the ability to even do this.

Do you do anything that you fear? Love to hear why you do it, how you conquer it, and what you get out of it.