Resolutions, martydom and sushi

We always talk about all the things we want to do when the New Year hits. All the goals we have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve already heard how much people “want to wash the last year away.”  Life can be stressful and it can be taxing and yes, there are moments when we want to simply move forwards in time to erase the past. But that simply means we end up moving through life so quickly we don’t have a chance to see the good “in the now.” People always say, “when your kids are older you’ll get more time to yourself.” Or “when they mature, things will be easier.” I never really wanted my kids to be older than they were at this very moment. I mean, yes, I’d love for life to be easier, I’d love for more personal time, I’d love the ability to write this blog without at least three people coming in to discuss things with me. Even with the door shut. Even with me saying, “can I have five minutes?” It just doesn’t compute for folks around here.

But, there’s good in that. The kids want to be with me and I do relish it. I have to remember I’m not going to get these moments back, so I must constantly remind myself there will be times I can’t do my own personal goals. That doesn’t mean I’m a martyr, but it does mean I made a choice. So I write when they’re asleep, I take classes when it’s very late in the day or early in the morning, I sit down on the floor and do a puzzle, play a game and simply listen to my kids when they want to discuss things with me, because I won’t get that moment back. And I don’t want to look back on life wishing I was given that one moment and blew it. But, I’m not perfect, so there are times I do blow it, but I try to apologize and teach my kids I’m still human.

It’s sort of funny. After a trying day with the kids, it might be ten o’clock at night, my husband and I are wiped, he’s on the television, I’m on the laptop and we’ll be so stressed we’ll start talking about ordering sushi. For some reason in my household, sushi has a way of making all the bad things go away.  Or, keeps them at bay for just a bit.

So I leave you all with a few thoughts. Do make personal goals for yourself. They are so important to your spiritual soul and well-being. These goals will help guide you and keep you growing as a person. Just make a bucket list, just a few simple, or not so simple, goals you want to achieve and even if you can’t do all of them, try to take one off the list every now and again and you’ll feel like you accomplished something. Number two, don’t feel guilty for things beyond your control. You can only take responsibility for you and your immediate family and so do your best to keep yourself both mentally and physically healthy so you can take on whatever the world throws your way. And three, a few spicy tuna rolls, some ikura and salmon go a long way when you’re stressed. Trust me, I know.

So, my bucket list for 2012: Finish writing a new YA novel, do an author signing for FLYING TO THE LIGHT, compete in a Tae Kwon Do tournament, start training for a marathon, make every recipe in a recipe book (ethnicity to be decided soon), and try to calm down more and enjoy life.  Oh, finish the puzzle on the floor of my daughter’s room, clean the basement, paint the inside of the house, teach the kids how to ski, go on vacation…. the list goes on… I wouldn’t be a Type “A” mom without my own bucket list a mile long. 🙂

Happy New Year, everyone – health, prosperity and most of all, happiness to you all!



2 thoughts on “Resolutions, martydom and sushi

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