Flowers and Patience…

Flowers and The main reason I should slow down... :)Patience

It’s March 18th and it’s 60 degrees outside in New York. While that might not be such a stretch in many parts of the country, here we could just as easily be having an icestorm or have three feet of snow on the ground. But yet, with the warm weather for the past few weeks, the crocusses are in deep bloom, the daffodils have come up and now the hyacinths and tulips are making an appearance, weeks before they normally would. My son and I went to the nursery and we simply couldn’t wait. We had to buy flowers and we had to plant them, the risk of a late season storm at the back of my mind. Not that it stopped me. We were impatient to plant them and so we did.

It’s almost as if the world is as impatient as people these days. No one has time to wait for anything. If I go to a fast food restaurant and my food isn’t literally on my tray in minutes, I find myself huffing and puffing and staring at the clock. As if the people didn’t physically have to make my food. If someone in front of me in the car lane moves too slowly and I miss the green light, I’ll find myself seriously miffed that I have to wait when I could have been speeding along if they’d just moved a little quicker. If my internet connection slows down, it’s as if the world has ended.

I realize that it’s not just me and the flowers that need to slow down. It’s the world in general. Maybe it’s because I live in New York and I have a different perception of things. We walk fast here. We talk fast. Everything is quick. Maybe I just have to remember that there are parts of the world where it’s okay to take a breath. That it’s okay if my dinner doesn’t arrive in a certain alotted amount of time. And, it’s really okay if I miss that light. I think we have to remember that just living our lives is what’s important and rushing through it at every moment only means we’ll miss something along the way.

So, now I’ll take a breath, try to slow down for the evening and remember that there are things you just can’t rush. And those are the things I really want to savor.

3 thoughts on “Flowers and Patience…

  1. I live in rural America where life is relatively slow. When I worked in Detroit, we made a conference call to a court in the deep South. The gentleman there was giving us instructions and… he… spoke… very… slowly. The person taking notes even twirled her hand impatiently hoping he would speed up before we all fell asleep listening to him drone on. Perception of haste is an internal and personal concept. I’m retired and swore I’d never slow down. Amazingly, I have… now I’m the slow old geezer in front of you with my car puttering along at the blazing speed of 2 mph; I’m also the old fart who can’t remember where he stuck that dime in his wallet or pocket at the checkout while your ice cream cone melts and your hot coffee gets cold. Can’t wait to get to NYC and clog up traffic.

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