Six Sentence Sunday!

Hi everyone, here are the first six sentences of my Young Adult fantasy, THE WORLD OF KAROV, the first book in a planned trilogy. Books one and two are already written.

Chapter One

Four hundred years ago….

     It was the smell that woke me. The cloying, metallic scent of an animal when it’s been run over by a wagon and left to die in its own filth on a dirt road riddled with the excrement of horses. Why it was in my room terrified me.

     It was late; so late the hens were still fast asleep and the insects had ceased their incessant chattering. Even the passing horse carts, bringing their furs and goods between the villages, had gone to bed for the night.

     I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes, fearful of what I would find.


Please feel free to visit to read all the other entries and enter yourself next week! Enjoy and feel free to comment if you’d like!


20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday!

  1. Your description is so detailed. Works great here and I’m with your mc…I really don’t want to know what’s in the room. But part of me needs to.

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