Type “A” continued….

Yes, Yes. I know, I hurt my back in tae kwon do in early April and I need to rest. I am resting, I promise. I haven’t taken class in nearly a month and a half and I’ve promised my doctors I’m taking all of June off, too. But, does that mean I’m just going to lay around? Me? Not a shot.

Seriously folks, I just gained 4-5+ hours a week back taking classes and the time I practiced at home! So, in my desire to constantly be busy, to constantly be learning and to constantly push myself, I just signed myself up for American Sign Language classes. It turns out that since my novel, FLYING TO THE LIGHT has a deaf little boy in it, I’ve had some really amazing press from the deaf community. So amazing that schools for the deaf have asked me to come and talk with their students. (one even bought 35 copies of the book for their new library – and one for each kid! OMG – I kid you not!) I initially learned ASL over 20 years ago in college and I like to say “you need a tetanus shot to read my ASL, it’s so rusty” but that joke only takes me so far. I need to be able to actually talk to the people in the community who are reading my book and so, rather than muddle through my rudimentary skills, I’m jumping in. Already paid for Level II and Level III (I apparently remembered more than I thought and they had me bypass Level I completely – yeah me!)

And, in my newly found hours, I also finished off the sequel to FLYING TO THE LIGHT, planted our garden (veggies and tons of flowers) and spent evenings with my kids just playing games. Now, truth be told, the first few weeks after my injury, I really didn’t do too much more than lurch around my house. Sciatic pain has a way of making sure you don’t forget that you need to heal. But, true to my own character, once I start feeling better, I’m off. As my chiropractor said, “just because you feel better, doesn’t mean you ARE better.” Now, that is true, but I try sometimes not to let my body rule and instead let my brain and heart rule. I just don’t want to give in to the pain. Am I stubborn? Maybe. Ok, I am. But, I think it’s more that I don’t want to miss any part of life and I just have too much to do to let pain get in the way of things.

The problem is, I’m starting to feel a lot better. A lot. I’m itchy to start doing things again and be running around. My husband is telling me to slow down and while the four pounds I gained the past seven weeks isn’t a ridiculous amount, I have been eating a lot (and, shudder, drinking soda) and basically stuffing my annoyance down with carbs, lactose free icecream and tons of sushi. My skinny jeans are tight on me and that’s NOT good – so I’m dying to get back to working out.

One more month, maybe two…. sigh… I wonder what else I can throw in there to do in the meantime? I’ll take suggestions – fire away!


7 thoughts on “Type “A” continued….

  1. Since eating away your calories doesn’t seem to work may I suggest walking. No, not power walking, just a nice leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Take Kelly or Ben along and enjoy the the moment, spy on your neighbors to see what they are doing; what they’ve planted; what is blooming; how they’ve painted this or that; lawn decorations, etc. In other words, take in all the sights and file them away for your writing. When in Maryland, my co-worker and I used to walk through the residential area behind where we worked, gawking at all the goregous spring blooms, neat summer trims and beautiful fall colors. It wasn’t a stroll but yet we weren’t truly building up a sweat — we were close but since there was no showers and only the restrooms to change in, we kept it low key. We both lost weight; maybe only a pound or two a week but it was a loss and counts.

  2. I’m way ahead of you Bob! I make sure I walk blocks and blocks everyday on my way to work – I take the long route so each morning it’s a matter of nearly 10 blocks, plus I walk up steps instead of the escalator most times (when I can) – anything to burn those pesky calories away!

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