THE WORLD OF KAROV is FREE today and tomorrow, 6/28 & 6/29

karov10.25Hi everyone! While I anxiously wait for my young adult novels to be shopped around by my agent to publishers, I’ve got a very dark fantasy tale I self published that is up on Amazon. I’m doing a freebie on Kindle today and tomorrow if you’d like to grab it. Word of warning: This is not a princess fairy tale story – my family believes I opted out of therapy and took out my demons in this book. (no, serioulsy) Here’s is the cover blurb:

Adam and Alec look like identical twins, but their personalities are as different as possible. Adam is gentle and kind, whereas Alec is the essence of nightmares. Always jealous of his twin, Alec does everything he can to destroy his brother’s happiness, including kidnapping Adam’s fiancée on their wedding day and disappearing with her deep into the Canadian mountains. Adam searches for them for months, but he never finds them. Just when Adam is at his most grief-stricken point, a stranger appears and offers him a chance for a new life in a land filled with magic, gems, and powers unimaginable; a world mysteriously led by a special tribe of children who have hidden themselves away from a great evil that is seeking to destroy them. Adam takes the chance and goes with the stranger, but his past is never far from his mind. Eventually, reality comes back to haunt Adam, resulting in a final showdown with his brother…. and this time, only one will win.

If you’d like to grab your copy, here they are on various Amazon Sites:




If you do download it, I’d adore a review if possible. It would be much appreciated. Enjoy!

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