Choosing the Right Cover Blurb – no stress, it can only make or break your book…

Ha! I thought I was done with all that “summation” stuff when I decided to self publish mythe world of karov Aa Children of Demilee series. But, that was far from the truth. Okay, so I don’t need to write a one pg, three pg and five pg synopsis for an agent, or do an outline, but I still need to develop teasers and those difficult cover blurbs. You know, sum up the entire book to entice a reader to purchase it in just 100 or so words. Yeah, how hard can that be?

Book #1 in my series is called THE WORLD OF KAROV. It’s been out in market for a year and is about twins, magical worlds and a pervading evil spreading through the universe. It’s a very dark tale, pitting good against evil and brother against brother… and only one will win. Book #2 is called THE RUBY AMULET and continues the series four hundred years later. My beta readers have assured me it’s a good tale and people will be quite happy and mollifed with this novel after reading Book #1 (and I can be assured my aunt won’t call me up at work and yell at me about the ending for ten minutes this time). These books will appeal to a wide range of readers from YA to adults.

So, which teaser do you like better for THE RUBY AMULET and which Cover Blurb feels better to you? I’ll continue to edit them all, but would love your “interpretations.” Thanks so much for helping – you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Teaser #1: A ruby with powers to travel between the dimensions…
Teaser #2: Some say legends are just legends… and those people would be wrong.

Cover Blurb #1: When Joshua found the ruby amulet, his life changed forever. A jewel with the power to transport him to the World of Karov; a war-torn land whose inhabitants have been kept prisoners for over four hundred years. The Karovites are desperate, because their treacherous King is searching for a fabled four pound ruby of myth. It is said this gem was hidden centuries ago by The Ancients, a mysterious race of children, in their desperate attempt to conceal its location from a pervading evil spreading throughout the dimensions. The King is closing in on Joshua and the gem. He and his friend Sean must help the Karovites win the war against the kingdom-and against time. For if the king finds this ruby before they do, he will become the most powerful being in the universe, and the great evil will have won… for eternity.

Cover Blurb #2: A ruby discovered in a mountain stream transports Joshua, and his best friend Sean, to the war-torn world of Karov. They are immediately caught up in a violent struggle between the enslaved people and their treacherous King, who is determined to find a legendary four pound ruby hidden deep in the emerald caverns. But time is running out. The King is closing in on Joshua and the gem, and the boys must help the Karovites find it before the King does. For if the King gets to it first, he will become the most powerful being in the universe and the Karovites will be enslaved… forever.

If you’re able to leave your comments and selections below, I’d truly appreciate it. Or feel free to go to my FB Author page and leave your feedback there at Or in the comments on my newly revamped web page at! Thank you so much!

If you’re interested in reading THE WORLD OF KAROV, Book #1 in the Children of Demilee series, please check the links here:



19 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Cover Blurb – no stress, it can only make or break your book…

  1. Two equally pretty impressive teasers and cover blurbs, but something about Teaser 1’s ability to travel between dimensions denotes, at least to me, some intriguing special powers. Cover Blurb #2 stands out due to the discovery of the ruby in a mountain stream, raising my curiosity about how it got there, and if Joshua and Sean were chosen and entrusted to do the right thing by an unforeseen force.

    Whatever the final tally as you make your decision, you have an intriguing storyline here. Best wishes.

  2. I like cover blurb 2; it seems more dynamic to me. I also like teaser 2, maybe because I love legends that turn out to be true (in books at least!) so this line intrigues me. 🙂

  3. I like teaser 2 and blurb 2. I read blurbs quickly and my eyes tend to land on keywords. Choice 2 had stronger words. That being said, a fan of fantasy might prefer blurb 1 because it is more descriptive.

  4. They’re both good… but I actually disagree with most of the comments here. Cover blurb 1 makes me understand the dynamics of the world the boys enter… that they get involved and are fighting a war with the Karovites to help them… and makes immediately side with them and want them to find the ruby stone first… cover blurb 2 only suggests they’re only helping them find the ruby… and doesn’t do nearly the same to endear me to the Karovites or worry about the King as much…

    • Lisa, I agree with you and was also surprised folks have been leaning more towards Blurb #2 – I thought #1 would be the clear go to based on everything you said. Makes me question everything!

  5. I like #2 for both. While the story may be driven by a ruby, it’s not actually about the ruby, right? Or even about time travel. It’s about the quest, the battle between right and wrong, and you have good strong words about this conflict in #2 teaser and back copy.

  6. Blurbs and teasers are so hard for me! I like Teaser 2 better and blurb 2 fits my attention span better. Blurb 1 is very well written, but too detailed for my “tell me what the story is about” brain. Blurb 1 could be great in interviews or when talking about the book too.

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