My Free Promotion Results – My best yet – here’s what worked….

Screenshot2I just completed my free ebook promotion on Amazon for my dark fantasy tale, THE WORLD OF KAROV, and I had my absolute best showing ever. I’ve done these promotions before and gotten 350 – 450 downloads each time. I was extremely happy to get those and figured with the dark fantasy genre, it was the reason I wasn’t seeing numbers in the thousands.

I’m rethinking that. This time I got over 3000 downloads and I believe it’s because I did a few things differently.

For starters, it lasted four days, whereas the other promotions were two days each. Second, the book finally received its 20th review. Twenty seems to be the minimum criteria for many of the free promotional sites to take your book on to promote it on their sites. #3, the book had a 4.5 star rating. That was another criteria. #4, I started promoting the book to these sites over two weeks ago. Many need advanced notice and the more time you give, the more likelihood they’ll pick your book up.

There are too many to list, but here’s one site to get you started that has a listing of many of the ones I hit up. I sent queries about my ebook and filled out the forms for most of them easily two weeks out. At that same time I also listed a Goodreads event and a Facebook event about the free promotion. Then the day before I started hitting up my social media sites where authors help authors by tweeting and posting. Then the day of, and the three days following, I updated the event on my blog, hit up every single FB promotional site I was a member of (easily 25-30 sites), I posted on Linkedin and Google+ and on Twitter I tweeted nearly every one to three hours. I posted on FB my updated rankings when they were good, included screen shots, kept hitting up twitter and I’m proud to say I did not land in Facebook or Twitter jail. (this is an unfortunate circumstance if you post too often – these companies consider it spamming so you need to spread everything out) I did spread everything out over hours and days. Many of the sites picked me up on various days of the promotion so my download numbers remained pretty even. On twitter you can also type in special hashtags and call outs to folks that if you put them in your tweet, they’ll retweet you. Lastly, for $5 I boosted my facebook author page post and got 2200 more views virally. It was the only paid advertising I did.

I had a little over 1000 downloads by Sunday morning, was coasting between #3-#5 in Epic Fantasy and Dark Fantasy lists and mostly hovered below #1000 on the rankings, sitting mostly in the #300’s – #700 range. I was extremely happy and then on Sunday, the last day of my promotion, ereadernews picked up my book on their site and I saw a huge jump in downloads. In fact, I ended up over with over 3000 downloads. I really believe they were integral to my numbers moving up so much on the last day.

So, my advice is, pre-promote, get your social media platform flushed out, hit up all the sites where readers congregate, and keep tweeting and promoting yourself.

So now it’s over. I changed the price of the book to live at $0.99 since it is Book #1 in a series and Book #2 is coming out next month. If you missed grabbing your free copy, come on over and get it here:

Thank you all so much for your support – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you. And if you did get the book, and have a chance, I would love a review. Again, thank you so much!

21 thoughts on “My Free Promotion Results – My best yet – here’s what worked….

  1. Elyse! I LOVE this! I’m book-marking this, because it’s something we all need to do but we simply haven’t had all the resources at our finger tips… until now. Thanks and congrats on such a great campaign!

  2. I’m glad you posted this today…I’ve got several free promos coming up and I want to make sure I have the maximum exposure possible. Bookmarked!

  3. This is wonderful advice, Elyse! I’m currently helping someone promote their book and would love more advice. Do you have more posts like this one or other links that would help? The link in this post is great! Thank you.

    • So glad this helped – Since May I’ve been doing more author related posts and have links to editors, other authors and various other sites when I’ve wanted to showcase them… thanks so much for commenting!

  4. Congrats on a successful promotion and thanks for the tips. I think running the promotion longer was indeed helpful, as was being featured of websites. That has been my experience too. 🙂

  5. I am currently evaluating the time consuming self promoting efforts vs listing at a promo site that generates thousands of sales. We did a .99 promo and worked it hard and only had twenty or so downloads. It was then picked up by a promo site and sales soared. It’s a confusing world.

    • I agree with you – I can do all the time consuming promo efforts for a paltry-ish result and if one promo site with lots of influence picks me up, then you have the potential for thousands of sales. I’ve decided to advertise when my new adult thriller comes out. Make a big splash. Thanks so much for commenting!

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