What I’m Thankful For….

thankfulThis Thanksgiving someone tried to get folks to go around the table and say what they were thankful for. It fell rather flat. Someone said “my good looks,” another person said, “my health,” and then it simply morphed into an eating frenzy that left everyone in a deliciously happy food coma.

I have been thinking about this. If you say you’re thankful for personal things, some think you’re being selfish, but if you say you’re thankful for the typical things, you’re copping out. So I decided to say what I’m thankful for, by category, because I really am thankful for so many things. Life is tough, but when you break it down, it’s a wonderful thing.

#1) “I’m thankful I’m 46.” So many times I’ve been frustrated about aging. But then I read a quote that changed my thinking. It said, “Don’t fret about aging… it’s a gift denied to many.” How true. I’m alive and healthy and on this earth, so I am thankful I’ve been given the gift of time.

#2) “I’m thankful my family is healthy.” It’s true. Is life hard at times? Sure. But I’m thankful my son, who has Asperger’s, is as high functioning as he is. I’m thankful he tells me he loves me and hugs me and is back in the middle school with his twin sister. I’m thankful my daughter is a great athlete. She loves it and her passion is something that is wonderful to see. I’m thankful my husband is healthy and takes care of himself so he can be there for all of us.

#3) I’m thankful I got the guts to put my fiction novels out in market. So many times I believe we stunt our spiritual, emotional and professional growth because we’re scared of how we’ll be perceived by others. I’m thankful for the maturity I’ve finally developed that has allowed me to overlook my fears (or at least ignore them for the moment) to try this dream.

#4, #5, #6 and #7) I’m thankful for budding flowers in the spring, for Facebook, that my ferret is litterbox trained, and I’m thankful for lactaid pills so I can eat all the yummy foods out there.

So, when times are tough, make a list about what you’re thankful for. I think you’ll be surprised that there are so many things you can put down that you didn’t realize. And, hopefully, they’ll make you happy and fulfill you through tough times.

How about you? Give me one thing you’re thankful for – would love to hear it.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For….

  1. Love this! A grateful heart is a wonderful thing. I especially like #3, it takes courage to put your work out there and share your gifts. You are a very talented woman, never forget it!

  2. Living a thankful life is so much fun. I have no idea why more people haven’t discovered it! I think your #1 contributed to #3. Aside from being alive aging does have benefits.

  3. The minister asked us to share a “thankful” moment with the congregation. This is a new church for me and my old church wasn’t as “sharing” as this one. I didn’t share although I wanted to since the church is so friendly. Maybe next year. I still have this “it is about me” or a bragging moment fear when asked to do something like that. But I am thankful for a wonderful family, fairly good health and of course, my many friends. As my 96 yr old friend said: I’m thankful I woke up this morning.” You know, waking up dead really can be a bummer for the day.

  4. My hubby is also thankful for Lactaid tablets! A bit like you, I’m thankful to be 42 and in good health, still able to physically and mentally do what I want. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing, Elyse! You have a lot to be thankful for. I can relate to a few of them. Like you, I am thankful for so many things, but I haven’t taken the time to express them verbally. I write them down on a list, and keep them in a file on my computer to look at from time to time. Most of all, I am thankful for the military, my significant other who sacrifices himself on a daily basis to help others, and my daughter who endured being raised in a single-mother household, and taught me the meaning of Pay It Forward. Great post!

    • And I am so thankful for people like your significant other who helps keeps me and my family safe. I can’t imagine what you go through thinking about him all the time. Your daughter sounds fantastic and I wish you all my best. Life isn’t always easy, but we are hear on this earth. We have to be thankful for that. 🙂

  6. Since September of last year, it has been ever so difficult to remember what I could possibly be thankful for. Fortunately, I didn’t have to look too far, and I’ve been constantly reminded that it’s really in the little details of life where plenty of reasons exist to be thankful for. I’m thankful I chose to go on when it was so tempting to give up as I’m grateful for people like you, who offered me some needed perspective.

    • Awww, I’m so sorry life has been so stressful Javier! I wish I could offer you more than simple thankful platitudes, but I do hope you’re doing well and hope you have a support system to talk to. I’m here if you ever need an ear. 🙂

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