Author Interviews and Highlights – Setting yourself up for your new book launch

Besides getting your website up, your author page up, your blog up, Twitter posts, ads and the multitude of other things you need to do for a book launch, you should try to get exposure on other people’s blogs and on book websites. It’s so important to branch out from your own fans and see if you can reach readers in different ways. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be included in a host of different venues over the past few weeks and on different sites to promote my novels, most recently, THE HUNT FOR XANADU.

I have to say, I loved doing every interview. Some of them were really challenging with their questions, some of them were funny and all of them really made me think. Here’s a few really amazing blogs to check out. And you may want to follow these folks as well:

If you want to find out why I stopped writing in the 9th grade and didn’t pick it up again until college, check out Frank Tuttle’s Blog here (think evil nasty English teacher and you’re on the right track!):

Want to see what authors have inspired me and what my writing process is like? Check out Clive Eaton’s blog here: He does AWESOME interviews and writers should contact him for their own.

Want to learn something most people don’t know about me? How adventurous an eater I am? Check out Gwen Choate’s Blog here:

Want some great writing tips? Check out Bob Nailor’s tip site – excellent tips for writers: I learn something new every single week.

My updated Pinterest page with videos, covers and links. Click here:

Other places to check out?
e-Reader Recon:
CleanIndieReads (for my cute short story):

These are just a few places to see where I’ve been promoting my work and where they live on websites. Get your lists together, and start promoting. And follow these great blogs and networks – they have a wealth of information!

7 thoughts on “Author Interviews and Highlights – Setting yourself up for your new book launch

  1. Congratulations on your launch. It’s amazing how much work we, as authors, must put into the promotion and marketing of our books. This is what they don’t teach you in school, but should. Merry Christmas!

  2. Congratulations on your book launch. Hope to join you in that accomplishment someday soon (but won’t be joining you over a dish of calf brains, cow’s feet or roasted lamb’s brain)

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