Poetry Continued…Part #2

sunphotoI had such a nice response to last week’s poetry post that I thought I would share some more. With this lovely exercise, I’ve tried to write some poems myself, but I always veer into Alice and Wonderland silliness. Best I leave it to the poets who do it best. Please enjoy these three great gems!

by Amanda Bohus

You are my sun,
embodied in radiance.
Filled with a warm inner glow,
your light from within-shines on.
Emanating from your being,
touched by your heart,
encircling me with your rays of light.
Awakened by your touch,
adorned with your brilliance,I flush,
resplendent in your aura.
All is illuminated,
I am loved.

by Lars D.H. Hedbor

She commented on my daughter’s red hair
Said that she’d had red hair once, too
And mentioned that she was ninety-two
But said, “I’m still sixteen here”
And tapped the side of her head
She looked no more than in her seventies
I told her that and she laughed
Her son was nearly that, I think
We talked for a while as she waited for him
And when she left, I was sad to see her go
She was lovely, in spirit, word and face
And to me, she was still sixteen, too

Lars is the author of the Tales From a Revolution Series of novels of the American Revolution. http://larsdhhedbor.com

by Julie Elizabeth Powell

It oozed from the sides
And the middle
And the top,
As the knife tipped
In the middle
Then bore down,
Smoothing its way to the edge.
800 hundred calories at least
A slice
Depending on the filling, the frosting
The size.
It can be adorned with strawberries if it likes
That’s at least one portion of fruit!
But what is the measure
Of pleasure
As it melts and mingles
Away all the worries of the day?
Piles on more
Some might say
But have they ever
Tasted its sensuous enchantment
Its crumbling, slumbering
I have
And it’s mine while I’m
And after that…
Well, there must be chocolate cake in
Otherwise what would be the point?

Julie’s poem comes from her book FIGMENTS. Please check it out here: http://amzn.to/19T9Zdi

Please let the authors know what you think – I’m sure they’d love to hear your comments.

And while I can’t write poetry, I can write fantasy novels. My new fantasy thriller, THE HUNT FOR XANADU, just hit #1 in the Goodreads Buddhist Fiction Listopia list. It is available on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1ixAnkP

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