fantastical reads stripTHE HUNT FOR XANADU Final CoverHi everyone! Well, it feels like today is my birthday. It’s day #4 of the blog hop and my thriller, THE HUNT FOR XANADU is up!

I’ve got to say, it’s been a fantastic ride so far with this book. I’ve received 14, 5 star reviews – I’m so overwhelmed with the response and reviews, I thought I’d share some with you:

Christoph Fischer Books – Top Amazon 500 Reviewer… 5 Stars!
“The Hunt for Xanadu” by Elyse Salpeter is a fast paced thriller in which a young woman, Kelsey, pursues the killers of her parents. Her parents were murdered while trying to find the mythical land of Xanadu and the story’s fantasy elements owe much to mythology rather than vampires and werewolves.
Accompanied by Detective and love interest Desmond her quest for revenge turns into something more profound. The personal development of a young woman with a horrid past, confronted with Buddhist beliefs and ancient demons makes for some great reading. I loved the character depth while the action part of the story also never lets you go.
The book is well written with a good storyline, strong narrative and interesting characters.”

Or, one from Readitz:
‘This is a gripping tale of strength, heroism and the search for truth. The main character, Kelsey, grabbed my attention from the get go. All the characters are distinct, coming alive on the pages in full three-dimensional-form. Their interaction is flawless. Kelsey is the epitome of someone who strives to meet a challenge, pursing her goals relentlessly and with vengeance. Unlike some books I’ve read where the heroine is somewhat unflawed, she has a bit of a dark side that most can relate to, though it rarely rears it’s head and doesn’t diminish from her charm. She is a character with a strength that makes you want to follow her every page, her every thought. I loved the surprises woven into the plot, but I won’t give anything away by saying more. Suffice it to say that if you enjoy excitement, action and intrigue, you will love this fast paced novel that has it all, even a bit of romance. I hope to read more of these captivating characters and will be following this author’s books. Outstanding story!’

I’ve got a little game going on the events page… see if you can name these characters. Go to the events page here and you could win a signed copy of the book:

Who am I? (names and descriptions on the events page)

photo montage contest Xanadu

If you’d like to purchase THE HUNT FOR XANADU and take advantage of the $2.99 sale price, please feel free to link to it here:

I’m getting some nice press, was in the local paper, hit #1 on the Buddhist Fiction Listopia list on Goodreads, and have a book signing at A New Leaf Tea Shop in Garden City on March 9th, so I’m very excited. I hope you all enjoy the novel as much as I had fun writing it. Happy Reading!


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