Day #7 Fantastical Blog Hop

fantasy event 1Today is Day #7 of the Fantastical Blog Hop and things are going GREAT! Up today is author Joseph Lallo for his novel, The Rise of the Red Shadow.

Check out this great recap:

Every story must begin somewhere. For the warrior who would come to be known as the fearsome Red Shadow, the story began in a forgotten glade deep in the land of Tressor. It was there that a pair of trackers, eager to retrieve a lost slave, instead found an orphaned malthrope. Had it been a human, it might have been treated with compassion, but in the eyes of human society a malthrope was a monster, a mix of fox and man believed to be a murderer and thief by its very nature. The beast was to be sold for a handful of silver, but fate intervened in the form of an old blind slave named Ben. Under the learned hand of the one human who believed in his potential, the young malthrope would instead be given the wisdom to take his first steps on the long journey to his destiny.

The Rise of the Red Shadow chronicles the early life of one of the most mysterious figures of the Book of Deacon trilogy, the creature called Lain. It tells of his years working and learning on a Tresson plantation until a dark day of vengeance and bloodshed finally set him free. From there you will follow as he finds his place in the world, learning what it is to be a malthrope, and turning to the purpose that will guide him for the rest of his days. It is a story of love, hate, and lessons hard-learned, revealing the painful choices one must make to become the hero the world needs.

Check out these reviews:

“I absolutely loved all the Book of Deacon series, and this one was just as wonderful.”

“Rise of the red shadow was truly an amazing book, it was impossible to put down!! I loved how the author thought out every detail on how events can change.”

And the book trailer for the series…

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