Day #8 LAST DAY of the Fantastical Blog Hop

fantasy event 1Well, the fantasy blog hop is coming to an end, but let’s leave with a bang. Up today is author David Cassidy for his novel, Velvet Rain. Check out this great write-up!


Kain Richards is the last of his kind–and a man on the run. So when this mysterious drifter falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, he knows full well the perils of getting too close. And yet, for the first time in his miserable existence, life feels normal … feels real. But as those around him soon realize, reality is not what it seems. For when a tragic accident forces Kain’s hand, his astonishing secret–and godlike power–changes their lives, and the world, forever.

And these reviews:

Velvet Rain is a dark thriller of suspense, horror, and drama. [Contains graphic violence and profanity.]
“Exceptional writing on a par with Stephen King …”
“Dean Koontz would be proud of this writer …”
“A dark horror-thriller … reveals the evils of humanity … the demons hidden under human flesh.”
“It’s a gripping read–at times chilling, at times humorous, and at times deeply moving.”

Here is a link to purchase this great novel:

This has been a great event for me so far. If you’d like to purchase my novel, THE HUNT FOR XANADU and take advantage of the sale price, please feel free to link to it here:

Lastly, I’m also doing a goodreads giveaway for THE HUNT FOR XANADU. Please feel free to enter that here:

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