When You Have Too Many Things on Your Plate….

Fill with coffee please

Fill with coffee please

Everyone’s life is hectic. I know very few people who are not stressed in some capacity. But, I think there are other people that put way too many things on their plates. Apparently, I’m one of them.

I didn’t think I was one of those people. I thought everyone out there does 5,000 things before breakfast, works full-time, raises kids, has a garden, does hours of social media a day to promote their books, and tries to write novels – all at the same time. I thought no one sleeps and spends their evening hours stressing about all the little things that have to get done the next day. I know I’m not alone because at any given time I can find friends tweeting and facebooking at all hours of the night. We kind of giggle at the “Oh, you’re still up?” comments.

The thing is, I do have a lot on my plate. Besides all that above, I’m hosting a party next weekend for 22 people (which I’ve not done a THING for yet as I have to get through a two day business trip first mid-week), in July I’m putting a huge family party together for my kids for 65 people (complete with photographers, entertainment and goodies) and I’m prepping for a HUGE family vacation this summer (which I’m kind of working on), among a host of other things. Add to that a workout regime where I squeeze in yoga at a 6 am class during the week and a Pilates class early morning on the weekends. (and yes, I have a husband, and yes he helps)

All while trying to edit one book, THE QUEST FOR THE EMPTY TOMB, book #2 in my Kelsey Porter series, and put out and publish my finished Book #2 in my YA Deaf thriller series, FLYING TO THE FIRE. I just have to get through the final proofs on that, get it formatted and it can be submitted to the universe.

Flying to the Fire - coming July 2014

Flying to the Fire – coming July 2014

Maybe I just don’t want to slow down. Maybe I need this insanity for some reason. There’s this crazy saying I like “You’ll sleep when you’re dead.” That’s sort of true… though every now and then I would love to be able to string more than two words together that doesn’t require me having two cups of coffee to do it! A publicist would be great too… but until I can get my own – I present you some of my books:

Want to read Book #1 in my adult thriller series? THE HUNT FOR XANADU here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1m1jUli
Want to read Book #1 in my YA Deaf thriller series? FLYING TO THE LIGHT here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1lJHFCS

Anyone else have too much on their plate? Love to hear… and commiserate…

22 thoughts on “When You Have Too Many Things on Your Plate….

  1. I feel your pain, Lyse! I wish I was one of those TV writers (I’m looking at you, Castle). You know — the ones rolling in money, the ones who effortlessly crank out an endless stream of best-sellers despite NEVER WRITING. Instead they’re always fighting crime or jet-setting off to France. While we’re here trying to mow the yard at 75 MPH so we can maybe get in 500 words before bed. Grrr!

  2. More power to your elbow, Elyse. Enjoy the life you have while you can, for it seems to fade only too quickly. I used to fret about doing too much, but now I have trouble doing anything, so be careful what you wish for that’s all I can say…

    • I hear you – sometimes I have so much to do, I freeze in immobility. But then I find making a list helps… but I’ll admit, there are days I do nothing because I simply can’t – thankfully they are few and far between.

  3. I feel exhausted just reading this Elyse! And I thought I had a lot on my plate! Wow, you must have some energy! I have got better at just saying: no; I can’t do anymore because I’m not the sort of person who thrives on constant activity. I need long periods of rest to re-charge. Trouble is I tend to go through periods of major busy, major intensity to the point of collapse and then do nothing. I wonder if I’ll ever find the balance! I hope you get to enjoy all these parties and events you’re organising too! 🙂

    • I hear you Joanne, but the truth is, I don’t see any other way out of it. Things have to get done, and personal goals, for me, have to be met or I get so personally defeated. I don’t know how other people do it. Maybe if I put the book writing completely aside that would be the way, but honestly, that creative side keeps me sane.

  4. I can totally relate to this. I have too much on my plate right now and keep planning on slowing down but things keep coming up, like family events, etc. My goal is to have fewer goals….lol

    • My idea of slowing down is not cleaning piles of paperwork, but then it’s requested of me to clean up my stuff… or my laundry, or my bags I leave on the floor! Sigh…

  5. I keep volunteering for more stuff because it sounds like fun to do – like being the newsletter editor for my writing club, then taking on their social media, and running a summer camp for 150 kids, and raising three teenagers who have their own busy agendas, plus having a full-time job away from my writing…. Argh!!!! But in all honesty, I just love being busy. However, I have reached the point where I can no longer say yes to anything more, or I won’t have time to write. This last week I spent 15 hours working on the newsletter, and my husband pointed out I could have written 15,000 words in that time. That’s kind of eye opening. He pointed out how the one thing we cannot make more of is time, and it’s important to budget our time accordingly. I guess that would mean setting a strict schedule for writing and not letting anything get in the way (including family and social media, and not volunteering for more stuff!). At any rate, I totally feel you on this. 🙂

    • Wise words from your husband – it’s a give and take. The fact is, as a writer you need to do social media to get the word out about your books, but frankly, if they’re not selling all that great, it’s like “what’s the point, I could be writing!” I feel for you – you DO have a lot on your plate.

  6. HOLY CANOLI you know how to pile it on like a CHAMP. I’ve finally met my match. I’m going to take a nap now. LOL!!!! And… I know a great publicist, but it’s a financial commitment. OY.

  7. Having retired 8 yrs ago, I stand in awe of everything I did while I worked. Today I consider myself lucky to get a couple of things accomplished. I guess it is a mindset … I knew I had to do all this stuff and only had 24 hrs in a day … but I’m sure I was stuffing about 28 hrs into that day anyway. Now, retired, I know that there is tomorrow or later in the afternoon and the urgency just isn’t there. I get done what I get done — sometimes a little, other times, well, nothing. Yet everything get finished — sooner or later. I retired and there are those out there who think I do too much. I can rest when my time comes — until then… let me at it. So, you go girl.

  8. Wow, in total admiration of your work rate Elyse – I thought I was busy and got overwhelmed. This puts it all in perspective. Total respect for you Elyse.

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