Why You Should Do A Goodreads Giveaway

goodreadsgiveWhen I talk to authors about what sort of promotion they are doing for their novels, I hear mostly “I’m posting on Twitter and my Facebook page.” Occasionally I’ll hear they do a post on Google+ or something on LinkedIn. I’ll also hear about doing ads on BookBub, ENT and sites like that. What I’m surprised is I don’t hear more activity happening on Goodreads.

You see, Goodreads is where readers go to find books that their friends are reading. Yes, there are a lot of authors there, but there are even more readers. I believe it’s important to branch out into different social media networks because you never know where you’ll find that next loyal customer.

Which leads me to why you should do a Giveaway on Goodreads. For the price of your book, mine average about $4.50 on Create Space, and shipping to the winner, I essentially have an “ad” for under $10 that runs on Goodreads for about two months. It sits there, it pops up occasionally, I can promote my giveaway and then people have the ability to enter AND THEN also have the ability to put it on their shelf to read if they like. If they do this, then it sits, for free, as a sort of ad, on their shelf that their friends can also see they are interested in reading.

I’ve done quite a few giveaways on Goodreads. I offer out my ARC Copies that might have some errors (which I make very clear to the winner) and it allows me to get exposure without having to run an actual ad. (and it allows me to get rid of the copies I won’t actually sell)

Here are some results of some Goodreads Giveaways I’ve done for three of my books:
I finished one yesterday for my thriller THE HUNT FOR XANADU and 616 people entered.
In November 2013 I did one for my dark fantasy novel THE WORLD OF KAROV and 510 people entered.
I did another one for my YA thriller, FLYING TO THE LIGHT and 623 people entered.

These are people who may never have come across my books before and if you’re lucky, the winners will leave a review for you as well.

So think about going on Goodreads today and creating a giveaway. Just remember, it needs to be a hard copy. You can give out as many books as you wish. I do just one so I can spread it around, but I see more people seem to enter when there are multiple copies to win. Totally your call. And while you’re at it, go enter a few giveaways, too. I’ve won some myself and it’s a great way to read a new author.

Now, for anyone interested, on 8/30 I’m doing an online book launch event for FLYING TO THE FIRE, which is Book #2 in my YA Deaf Thriller series. It’s all online and I’ll be giving out prizes for interaction. Please click and join here – you don’t need to purchase the novel – just come for fun! https://www.facebook.com/events/669594469785008/

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Do A Goodreads Giveaway

  1. I’ve been reticent to attempt a Goodreads giveaway but perhaps I should consider one. Normally I release the ebook first and then, more of a whim than necessity, I do a hardcopy. I guess maybe I should consider doing it the other way around, paperback first, cyber-issue after or perhaps at the same time. Great idea and reasoning to do it.

  2. I’ve been toying around with the idea of a giveaway. The idea of the Goodreads giveaway as an ad really makes total sense, I just hadn’t thought of it in that way. Thanks so much.

  3. I’ve done a number of Goodreads giveaways with similar results, Elyse. I think they’re great. I’ve learned that I get almost as many entries with a two-week giveaway as with longer ones. Most of the entries occur when the book is on the first page or in the ‘ending soon’ category. My thought is that more frequent, shorter giveaways with fewer copies per giveaway will increase the exposure you get for each dollar you spend this way.

    • I agree with you about the amount of entries, but what I like about a longer giveaway is that I can promote it longer with the hope I can get people to enter or put it on their shelf. I’m using it as an ad – so why not keep the visual out there longer? Thanks so much for commenting!

      • A good strategy, Charles. How many books do you end up giving away? I agree with Elyse if only giving away one book. We usually give away five and that gets expensive when postage is factored in.

  4. I’ve done 2 giveaways with Goodreads. This last one for Jessie, was the first time I had one of the winners contact me to say how excited she was to win. That was pretty cool. It’s insane that they encourage you to offer 10 books in the giveaway. I’ve only done 5 books for each of the promos.

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