What do you think of this Cover & Blurb?

Hey, everyone – I could use some advice! I’m working to release a horror tale to be ready for Halloween. It’s called THE MANNEQUINS and is about a film crew that enters an abandoned mansion and gets caught in another reality run by a madman. This is the awesome cover Laura LaRoche made for me, but I’m still playing with the tagline and thought I’d ask for your opinions and suggestions. I wanted the cover to be creepy and cool and I think she nailed the mood perfectly.

Folks are chiming in on my author page at http://www.facebook.com/elysesalpeterauthor (so if you could go there and give a like and comment, that would be great – or below is fine too!)

So, which tagline do you like the best, or come up with one of your own creation! I’ve been told the only caveat is to keep it brief. Some of the top suggestions are below:

Don’t go inside…
Fear has a new name…
They’re waiting for you…. (reader suggestion)
Come inside… (reader suggestion)

The Mannequins

So, would you take a peek at this cover? Does it scream horror? Thanks so much for your help!

22 thoughts on “What do you think of this Cover & Blurb?

  1. The first line font is jarring to me. Maybe use the same font as your author name? That said, once you add a tagline, maybe the overall effect will be different.

    I like “don’t go inside” or “they’re waiting for you”.

    The folks at pubyourself.com are really good on cover suggestions as well.

  2. Love the fonts for your name. Fear has a new name is my favorite but if you google that there are a lot of things with that tag line. Since Mannequins are often naked, what about something using the phrase “naked fear”?

  3. The cover carries the horror theme and It’s really well done. Tagline options: If the child on the cover is central to your story, then the “fear has a new name,” works. Or, how about, “fear lives within,” or fear dwells within,” you get the idea. Very nice book package!

  4. I think the “don’t go inside” tagline fits the cover best. That said, I find the child distracting, like maybe the door itself would be ominous enough. Doors are meant to be opened and yet here’s a line saying “don’t go in” and I think that juxtaposition alone would be enough to make me consider purchasing this book. The kid isn’t a bad idea; he’s just too ordinary and out of context for my liking. If you’re dead set on using the kid, maybe you could scratch out his face or something to look more creepy. I like everything else.

  5. Wow. So many great comments and suggestions. You’ve got your work cut out for you. The last suggestion of “scratching” out the child’s face – that would be interesting.

      • Yeah he’s got a little bit of a kubrick stare going on. But I noticed that you mentioned above in another comment that he’s meant to be a prisoner? At the moment he looks like he’s what the reader should be afraid of, rather than being a victim. Maybe that’s intentional though in which case feel free to disregard all of my comments. 🙂

  6. I like ‘Don’t go inside’ or ‘They’re waiting for you’. Gives the reader almost an invite to go in, but yet knowing how terrifying it must be….

  7. Love the cover Elyse! Can’t wait to read it. Will it be available on Kindle? I was very impressed with your Deaf Series. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with this!

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