What’s the Fascination with Twins?

holding handsI admit it. I am fascinated with twins. Fraternal, identical, boy/girl – it doesn’t matter. When I was a little girl, I used to draw crayon filled drawings of what my family would be like when I got older, and they were filled with twins, triplets, and octuplets. I’d have a family of forty kids and two very happy looking parents smack dab in the middle, with their brood surrounding them. Now, thirty years later, I actually have a set of twins and I’ll tell you what? Two is just fine, thank you very much! LOL.

But twins still fascinate me, as they do society as a whole. Is there a special bond? Do they get along? What is it like to have one? My twins are as different as possible. One is sporty, the other is into computer coding, one will eat sushi and one won’t let anything but pizza and nuggets pass his lips. One’s a boy, one’s a girl.

But what about other twins? The famous ones we hear about? Tiki and Ronde Barber were football players (and one was a Giant – yeah!!!) and were so competitive. They are both now authors themselves who write books about being football players. Then there’s Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen who were child actors and who have now built a fashion empire together. And my idols, Abigail and Brittany Hensel. Want to talk about cooperation? They are conjoined twins who share one body and when I think about how much those girls have had to work together and cooperate in order to do practically anything, I realize that all of us can look to them on how to act on a daily basis. Check here for Abby & Brittany’s show on TLC to learn more about them.

But what if all twins didn’t get along? What if they hated each other with a passion? I wanted to explore that in my dark fantasy novels, THE WORLD OF KAROV and THE RUBY AMULET. Both books include twins and both books take that complicated relationship and flip them on their heads.

I have a third book in the series and guess what? Twins are in this too. Here’s the beginning of a flash fiction tale that will give you a little “taste” for this particular novel. It’s going to have a high fantasy feel and will eventually be a pre-cursor to both novels: (Here’s only half of it – the rest is just a click away!)


The sphere was so small in the palm of my hand. All that vast blue with hints of greens and browns and soft white swirls covering it.

I felt a gentle hand upon my shoulder. “You must take care of it, son, for it’s fragile.

I glanced up at my father. “Is this one alive?”

He nodded. “Yes, very much so. Not like the ones you played with as a young child, Arpagius.”

I remembered those worlds. Those lovely marbles of brown and black; some as light as a dove’s feather, some as heavy as a block of granite; but all ice-cold.

I stared back at my world. It was nearly hot in my hand and I watched as new fluffy white masses formed across the greatest stretch of blue. I gently blew on them. The clouds scattered where my breath hit them. I glanced back at my father.

“Arpagius, how you treat this world will determine your place with our kind. Will you be a leader, a god to these small beings? Or, will you fall, to remain a servant of the land, never to achieve your full status? Only you can decide this. It’s an important decision for one of only nine years old, but it must be done and this is the only way for us to know your true character. I trust you’ll make the right choice and not fall by the way of your brother.” My father turned, and with a spread of his wings, flew out the window. I watched him soar over the turrets of the castle and move northward, until he was but a black speck in the sky.

I turned back to my world as black clouds formed across the oceans. “I will do my best, Father,” I whispered.

Want receive the rest of the story? Just shoot me a note here and say “I want the end of the short story!” http://www.elysesalpeter.com and choose CONTACT ME. Or click here: http://www.elysesalpeter.com/contact-me.html

Just ask and you shall receive. (even if you’re already on my contact list)

Want to read THE WORLD OF KAROV? Click here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1tpVy9h
Want to read THE RUBY AMULET? Click here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1vHLgVJ

The fact is, I find twins are occupying so much of my thoughts that I have been putting them in nearly all my series in one capacity of the other. I didn’t realize that until very recently when I decided to publish a horror tale for Halloween – and yep, there are twins in that, too. So, Happy Twinning!

6 thoughts on “What’s the Fascination with Twins?

  1. Twins are fascinating! Our North Carolina neighbors have new born twin girls and I am looking forward to watching them grow up/ I also say a prayer for them whenever I look out my window at their home. They also have a three year old active son!

  2. Wow! GREAT short story – intriguing!! – and yes – twins are fascinating! I always wished I had twins, each time I was pregnant and as big as a house I thought “Wouldn’t it be great to get two for the price of one!?” lol… I love my kids though, and I imagine two make double the work!!!

  3. I’ve always been intrigued with twins and wished I were one. Just found out my daughter-in-law is pregnant and I’m telling her it will be twins; she doesn’t agree and is most like correct since the first ultrasound revealed only “one bean” in there. My one novel series has a set of twins and they are the ruin of the empire – or are they? Hoping to get that book out next year. I even had twin elves in my novel “Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold” OMG! You’re right! Twins are interesting!

  4. I love this post! I always wanted to be a twin, and I used to pretend I had a twin sister. I’ve never written about twins, but I can see the appeal. Thanks for the post. 😀


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