If I Had a Scented Tattoo…

tattooI love tattoos and think they are super cool. But, I love them from afar. You see, I’m scared out of my mind of getting one and putting something so permanent on my body. I have my ears pierced, but I can switch out the earrings every day. A tattoo is there for life.

But, I’m a bit of a prankster and there’s a crazy side of me that would love to get a tattoo just for “the joke.” You see, I love lilacs. They are my favorite flower in the world, and I always thought if I ever got a tattoo it would be a very small spray of lilacs right above my right hip. I actually have a cousin who is a freakishly talented tattoo artist and if I ever got one, I’d go to him. I once asked him if tattoos could be “scented.” He stared at me for a very long time, thought about it and finally said, “I don’t think so…” You see, if I get a tattoo of lilacs, I want it to actually smell like lilacs. So, I figure if I ever got a tattoo of lilacs, EVERY single morning I’d dab lilac essential oil on it and when people ever asked me “do you have a tattoo” I’d say “Sure, and it’s scented, too!” Then I’d raise my shirt and let them take a sniff. The joke would be that I’d never tell them that for that single solitary, momentary joke, each morning I put perfume on just that tiny spot. Yes, I’m crazy.

The sun coverBut, tattoos intrigue me and for most people they have incredible meaning. It could be for something spiritual, in memory of a person they love, or just something that makes them smile. It could also be something more sinister. What if your tattoo determined “who you were in a particular culture?” That concept intrigued me and I wrote a short story called THE SUN AND THE STAR. This story was chosen for a published anthology, but then they went out of business and I got the rights back, so I wanted to share it with the world. It’s about a prince who falls in love with a commoner, something which is looked down upon in their society. In their culture, people are tattooed at early ages to denote their class system. This is a poignant, sweet, lovely little romance sci-fi story. Think Romeo & Juliet, with a twist. I sell this tale for just 99 cents if you’d like to take a peek:

US: http://amzn.to/1uuKvMz
UK: http://amzn.to/1tq3awP

Check out these great reviews:

I thoroughly enjoyed this short love story. “The Sun and the Star” grabbed my attention right from the first page to the last. It starts off with the shocking discovery of a beautiful young teenage girl in a farmer’s field in the early 1900’s. When and how she got there is part of the mystery and allure of this well-written love story with an unpredictable twist.

This is not your everyday love story. Full of twists and turns. Great read from Central Park to outer space!!!! Elyse has a real way with words.

I have more books and novels coming out this year. If you’d like to be part of my mailing list, please click here: CONTACT ME

Do any of you have any tattoo stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear! And if you need some tattoo ideas, I found a couple of really cool sites to check out:

http://youqueen.com/life/top-10-best-tattoo-designs-for-women/ (some of these are SO pretty!)

15 thoughts on “If I Had a Scented Tattoo…

  1. Scented tattoos? That’s a brilliant concept, Lyse. I think I’d get a scented tattoo of a garlic clove right above my jugular, just in case vampires are real after all. Great blog!

    • LOLOL – of course you’ll either consistently smell terrible or like a lovely italian dinner! You’ll definitely need to pair that tattoo with some sort of cologne with herbs, like basil or rosemary essence or something. 🙂

      • Have you heard of the predicted appearance of medical tattoos? Circuitry can be applied with the ink, and tiny sensors and displays can be incorporated into the design. You could call up your vitals and read them from the tattoo!

      • I have heard of tattooing people to be able to find them – by putting some sort of sensor in there or something like magnetic inks – all science fiction, but I bet completely not within the realms of our abilities to create.

  2. Three of my four sons proudly sport A tattoo each. I’ve gone as far as stopping (driving into the parking lot) of a tattoo parlor but never get out of the car. I almost got one back when I was in the Navy – a bunch of drunks – but the place was closed – Thank the Lord! Plus, we learned it would be a 3-day sitting for a clipper ship on the back. I’ve toyed with the idea of a coiling dragon on my right shoulder. My #4 son suggested I get a mosquito on my butt – to see if I could handle the pain. I’m thinking… I’m thinking…

  3. Tattoos fascinate me, too – the idea that at age 18 or 20, which is the age that it seems most people get tattoos.

    My tattoo stories are second-hand. My father got three tattoos on his arms at different times while he was in the Canadian Navy. Now, they’re so faded they’re almost illegible, but I remember being fascinated with them as a boy. Later, when I taught English in the college in my city, I gave students an assignment to deliver an oral presentation on a subject of their choice. One young woman chose to share her tattoo story. She had a large tattoo put on her back, and said it was “the most painful experience of my life.” So painful, she did not return for the second session necessary to complete the image.
    Now that you know that, how likely are you to carry out your tattoo fantasy?

  4. I would never get a tattoo, scented or otherwise. I’m afraid of needles! (Pretty funny for a dentist, huh?) 😀

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