What I’m Thankful For… and this time, let it be about YOU…

thankfulWhen Thanksgiving comes around, it’s customary to go around the table and tell everyone what you’re thankful for. Most of the time the answer is “our children, health and a warm home” and they are totally acceptable answers. I am thankful I’m a mom, thankful my family is healthy and so thankful that I am now two years past our 12 days without power during Hurricane Sandy. I am thankful I can put food on the table and that my children have no idea how lucky they are and their biggest stresses are if their phones runs out of power or they have to finish their homework.

But what if the question was “besides our family, our health and our warm homes” what are you thankful for? What are you thankful for that sits deep in your gut? The stuff that feeds your base needs and desires and for some reason we seem to feel that by saying those out loud, that makes us selfish. I don’t agree. I think those wonderful things “that make you thankful to be YOU” are the saving grace for all of us.

So, I’ll start. I’m thankful that I’m “brave.” I’m thankful that a few years ago I jumped into publishing and I tried this crazy gig getting my books out into the world. I’m on 6 books now with two anthologies scheduled to come out in 2015. So, I’m thankful I got the guts to even try it.

Meeting Douglas Preston at the Blue Labyrinth Launch in NYC

Meeting Douglas Preston at the Blue Labyrinth Launch in NYC

I’m thankful for social media and authors who embrace it. For getting the chance to meet, on quite a few occasions now, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child who have written the most amazing series of books that literally stay with me through my days. (might I suggest you start with Relic and go from there) I’m thankful that I took a leap of faith and after 19 years at my job I decided to try another side of the business. If I weren’t brave, I might have still been sitting at the same desk, calling on the same people that I’ve been doing for years.

I’m thankful I’ll try crazy foods and that I’ll put myself into uncomfortable situations, that I’m stubborn and obstinate at times and thankful that if someone messes with my children, I am brave enough to open my mouth loud and wide.

I’m thankful I’m a pretty decent cook and 9 out of 10 times the family eats what I make them. Lastly, I’m thankful that my 14 year old Jeep Cherokee is still working and my ferret stopped biting my feet all the time.

These are the types of things I don’t normally say at the Thanksgiving table, but they are true feelings. So, I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for that has nothing to do with family and everything to do with YOU. It’s time to let it out – don’t worry, we don’t judge.


18 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For… and this time, let it be about YOU…

  1. Your approach would make people think deeper because when we say the typical stuff- family, food, it feels uneventful. I agree with your point.

    • I’ve come to the realization that it’s okay to think of yourself at times. We’re programmed that it’s selfish, but loving yourself and knowing your own needs is so important to your own well-being.

  2. I’m thankful for my memory and the way Frank Tuttle nudged it. I don’t believe I’ve seen that chemical formula since high school — uh, back in 1963 when I took Chemistry! I have a lot of memories, but hidden in there, I also have a lot of obscure knowledge stuffed in the corners and when the moment is right, they jump out to surprise me and flood my brain with things long forgotten. I then have a chance at a new possibility as the chain of links connect to give me new ideas. I love ideas, especially when they connect with a story. I also am thankful for being able to type as fast as I can or I’d go crazy at the tedious modicum of one-finger typing. And, not sure if it counts or not, I’m very thankful for a select group of 2 people who I lovingly call “My Rangers” who I can confide my angst, ideas, complaints and know they have my back.

  3. You’re right, we do need to go deeper and thank whatever, whoever, wherever may be responsible for making us who we are. I’ll try: I’m thankful for my ability with the written English language. It’s provided my living for decades, now. And I’m also thankful for my children, my home, the fact that I was born in peaceful and prosperous Canada and continue to live here, and especially for my loving wife. There. Said it.

  4. I’m thankful for being able to have purpose. Intentional purpose in helping those who suffer. In this day and age many have physical ailments and I have learned encouraging others goes along way. So I’m thankful for the gift of encouragement through my writing.

  5. I am so thankful for my musical gifts. I can’t imagine my life if I couldn’t play an instrument! Thanks for helping us look at “alternative” ways to be thankful. 😀

  6. Good post, Elyse. It was thought provoking. It reminded me that most of the best things in my life came from plunging headfirst into the unknown. That probably makes me impulsive and lucky rather than brave, but I’m thankful nonetheless.

    • This came to me as we were going around the table giving thanks. And while it was true I as so thankful of so many things, many things in our life were also changing and I felt that it was those things, exclusive of the norm, that were really driving my additional thanks this year. Thanks so much for reading – really appreciate it.

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