The Allure of the Give-away…

Come enter to win...

Come enter to win…

I love contests. As a kid, I was the one that got suckered and would send out money (my meager dollars) to those bogus contests where “just send $5 and you get an extra twenty chances to win $10,000!” And then the next letter would come, telling me that I’d “progressed and to send more money and I’d be up to win the $1,000,000 grand prize!” I believed all of it. When my father found out what I’d been doing, he freaked and sat me down and explained to me that these contests were complete shams. (not to mention how illegal it must have been to take money from a kid)

But the allure of contests never left me. I used to enter them all the time. I got the free cans of food, a few watches, some pens, once tickets to a basketball game, and my biggest haul was a Weber Charcoal Grill that sat under my kitchen table in NYC for three years since we didn’t have a balcony to use it (thankfully we eventually moved and were finally able to break that baby open).

So, now I like to actually DO giveaways and have one going on Goodreads for my novel THE MANNEQUINS. Until December 24th, people can enter to win a free hardcopy of the book here:

In the deep woods of California, there’s an old decaying mansion with a terrible secret. When any enter its doors, the house claims them, propelling them to a land in a different reality, run by a man who calls himself, the Preacher. If you play by his rules, you live a life of luxury, but if you displease him? With a flick of his wrist, you are transformed into a living doll, a mannequin, and there is no escape… until the madman is done playing with you.

Sorry that it’s only open to US Peeps – the next give-away I’ll open up to folks overseas. If you enter, or for those who can’t, please consider also putting it on your shelf. If you don’t win, you can always check it out another time. If you just can’t wait and the book sounds SO GREAT that you just have to have it right now, well, by all means, click here for it on Amazon:

So tell me, do you love to enter contests? What’s the biggest thing you’ve won so far?

18 thoughts on “The Allure of the Give-away…

  1. Hi, Elyse! Just entered your book give-away contest! Contests are fun, I think! Let’s see, I’ve won a few things before…a turkey from the grocery store one year 😉 2 tickets to the local premiere of the movie “Selena” from a radio station…that was fun … a signed book by Glenn Beck (from a radio contest), and one of the best…a chance to buy a Cabbage Patch doll, they did a drawing and I won, still had to buy it, but it was back when people were going crazy trying to get one and there weren’t enough to go around…I got one for each of my girls! So, I’ll try my luck with your contest,,, and if not a winner, will buy it, because it looks so good! 🙂

  2. Hi Elyse! Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!!! I hope that everyone has a chance to read this fabulous book! I loved the eerie story, and the creepy setting. I picked it up on release day, and unfortunately, did not get a chance to read it until now. Readers will not be disappointed…I have also enjoyed The Hunt for Xanadu and The Deaf series by this talented author!

    • Tracy – what an awesome comment to wake up to! Thank you so much – if you ever have time, a review would be so appreciated. Thank you so very much for your kind words – they really mean a lot.

  3. The first contest I ever won was as a child and the prize was a free ice cream cone…..funny that I still remember it today, so exciting to win something free!

  4. For several years, my father-in-law entered every contest that he found. He was methodical about it, and he won things occasionally. Once, he won a thousand dollars; another time, he won a new car. He finally got bored with it and quit. I’ve always wondered if he broke even on the postage he spent — he would never send money — so he may have.

  5. I still remember the first time I won a contest. It was at a matinee movie, and I think it was for anyone whose birthday was an even number, or something. I won a comic book.

    Like Charle’s father, I have been tempted to enter contests methodically. I know someone who used to do that, and once won a trip to Japan. But I also wonder about the rate of return. And mostly, I’m too lazy.

    Awesome post! You have to keep us up to date on the return you got from running it. I’m especially interested in the appeal of a hardcover in this age of the e-book.

    • So far 436 people have entered the contest and 236 have put the book on their shelf. To me, I can’t beat that type of exposure and I have another day for people to enter. All for the cost of a book and mailing charges.

  6. Winning is always fun. My first “win” (age 10) was at a magic show and I won a bunny. So did my younger brother. My parents were so overjoyed – I think my father’s exact words were “What the hell are we going to do with them? They’re too small to eat and they ain’t staying in the house.” A cardboard box for the night and a quickly assembled hutch was built the next day with one bunny on each side. My dad was not about to take a chance of a population explosion behind the trailer. I did a book give-away about 2 yrs ago. I hope this endeavor is a success for you and your bunnies get to live together and populate. lol. IOW, lotsa sales!

  7. I gave up on entering contests when I started getting tons of spam emails & calls saying I had own contests that I’d never entered. I do still get wistful when I see giveaways for some of my dream vacations though. The books sounds good, will have to pop over to Goodreads to check it out.

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