Book Signing at a New Leaf

Book Signing at a New Leaf

To everyone who had the chance to read THE HUNT FOR XANADU, Book #1 in the Kelsey Porter Series, Book #2 is finished. It’s getting some final editing and proofing, cover is being created, and then it will be out to the world.

This series is near and dear to my heart. I wanted to write something that featured a strong female heroine, but be sexy and smart and action-packed. I wanted the characters to be well-rounded and have a history to them that was deep. I actually have written a 26 page character file with information about everyone in these books. Kelsey Porter’s sheets are actually six pages long and still growing as I develop her character further.

If you’re interested in picking up Book #1, THE HUNT FOR XANADU, feel free to click here:

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So, without further ado… I give you the beginning of Chapter 1 of THE QUEST OF THE EMPTY TOMB…

Chapter 1

The Pier

“Dammit, they were supposed to be here two days ago. Gisborne, I’m telling you, the intel was wrong.”

It was two a.m. and the detectives were back at the docks for the fifth night in a row. A rash of illegal and classified weaponry making their way to the United States from the Middle East had been reported and tracked to this location. They’d been told another one was due to have arrived two days prior, but it still hadn’t shown.

Detective Sean Flanagan swiped at the sweat dripping from his brow. It was hot on this breezeless August night and his partner knew he wasn’t happy. “We’ve been had. It had to have come in somewhere else.”

Desmond stood on the edge of the platform and examined the dock, searching for anything he might have missed. The abandoned warehouses were silent and empty and the pier was quiet. Light waves from the Hudson River lapped gently against the broken and decayed planks. An occasional coo from a dove, or a flap of pigeon wings, were the only sounds to mar the silence and tranquility of the evening.

“We definitely missed something,” Desmond mused. “Sharif was sure it was coming in here. He tracked the shipment leaving the Middle East.”

“Sure, my ass,” Flanagan snorted. “Wheedling the info out of a bunch of drunken Syrians isn’t what I’d call ‘sure.’ Probably blitzed out of his mind on Barada Beer the entire time. Not so hard when you’re partying on the government’s dime.”

Desmond exhaled. “Let’s do a final check of the wharfs on Harper’s Row and then call it a night.”
The Detectives moved across the jetty and made their way downtown to the last set of piers.


That was just a little taste… If you’re interested in joining my mailing list to find out exactly when it’s launching, please feel free to join here:

So, what do you think? Have you read book #1? Are you intrigued? Love to hear!

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