How many social media sites can I possibly be on? No… really, how many?

social mediaOk, let’s talk social media and how many platforms should we be on? I have read so much about this and the consensus is you can’t be effective on every single one if you are on too many at once. (unless you have no life, never sleep and work them 24/7, which is unrealistic) I do Twitter, FB (communities and groups), Goodreads and Google+ (communities and groups), Pinterest regularly (and my blog) and built up, through hard work and sweat, excellent followings. I’m even on Linkedin but I do this strictly for work and my day job. But being active on all of these outlets is very time-consuming and frankly, I’m seeing some sales, but not as much as I’d expect with the amount of followers I have on some of these platforms (I mean, I have over 150K on google+ so what’s the point?). Now, there are some authors that say I should also be on Tumblr and Tsu and others as well. I guess at the end of the day I just want to know “Where Are My Readers?”

The other day I chatted with a woman who does promotions for authors. We were discussing her services, I explained what I do and she took a peek at my activity and she said “you actually do more than I do for my own clients.” Okay, then what does that mean? I’m active on so many social media sites, and I get tons of conversations, but how do I translate that to consistent sales? I honestly don’t know.

She suggested I start looking at bloggers. I said “but “I’ve been on a ton of blogs.” She said, “no, get on the RIGHT blogs. The fandoms, the biggies.” So, now I’m thinking about how to find book bloggers, and will start spending some of my social media efforts on finding these people.

Where’s the easiest place for me to find book bloggers? Turns out on Instagram. I’ve done some small little things are Instagram, but true to form, now I want to conquer it. So, I updated my profile, started following book bloggers and started to learn how this works. The ins and outs, the hashtags, the little nuances that Instagram offers that are different than FB, Twitter, and all the other sites. The first thing I can tell you is that younger people are on there. The teens and twenty year olds. People in their 30’s, definitely 40’s and 50’s, are on Facebook. I hardly see the kids on there unless they’re following adults who only put information on FB and that’s the only way they can reach them.

So, how many social media sites can I possibly be on? Apparently a lot. So how about following me on them? I love to interact with people and I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on any of them here:

Instagram user name: elysesalpeter
Twitter: @elysesalpeter

And lastly, want to know about new releases? Come on over and sign up for my newsletter:

As for tumblr (sorry, ain’t happening yet – I can’t even figure out how to get off the first page), tsu (sort of like FB but I’m too invested in FB to worry about this yet), Stumble Upon (I’ve got an account and never used it) Reddit (not quite sure what this is), flickr (completely not sure what this is), myspace (is that even still around?), youtube (yeah, I’ve put some book trailers up there) and the others? I think I’m maxed out for now, thank you very much.

Of course, if there is something new and BIG, something that will help me reach readers better – please let me know. I do love to hear about the newest stuff out there.


15 thoughts on “How many social media sites can I possibly be on? No… really, how many?

  1. Wow! You are everywhere it would seem. You offer some solid points and valid questions. I will watch to see how this all comes out on laundry day. I Twitter, do some Facebook, blog and do a writing tip. I have accts elsewhere but seldom use them to their full potential. I was on Wattpad a few years ago but it seemed ruled by teenagers and the early 20s. It creeped me out to follow a 15 or 17 yo girl/boy who was writing rather “lusty” stuff… not what I needed. Remember, I’m over 60.

    • Yes, I have this unwritten rule that I seldom respond to any teen’s posts. It just feels creepy. But if they post some good books, a great “feel good” inspirational photo, then I “like” it. Seems to be safer that way.

  2. I tried a few platforms, but only stuck to those I am comfortable with. Some I am really active on (mostly my blog/WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn) and some I cross post content more than I am really active on (Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, I try to answer to comments/network a little bit every day or a few times a week. A few years ago, I reorganized my social media and been better since then. I know that a few other places are recommended for authors, but they feel weird to me. I prefer sticking to places where I don’t feel like running away from!

    • You are so right. The real problem is that all this social media is taking time ultimately away from writing, but then the flip side is, how do I get the right type of exposure if I don’t try all these avenues? So, I’ve dedicated the past year to learning them. At the very least, I have a good awareness of what many of them do.

  3. For me, social media presents the ever-present danger of becoming a black hole that gobbles up all my time. It’s not social media’s fault, it’s just that I have the impulse control of a magpie and I can’t stop looking at pretty shiny things and oh look it’s three AM. So I basically stick to FB and Google + and Twitter, although at your suggestion I am exploring Instagram. I do wish I could upload images from my camera to Instagram — using my phone to take pictures when I have a fantastic DSLR never occurs to me until, well, right now.

  4. I have been wrestling with this problem, too. I blog regularly usually on #MondayBlogs, I tweet regularly using Hootsuite, and I spend time on Facebook. But I’ve been thinking about changing that up for better results. I have a Goodreads account, and I’ve been thinking about advertising there. Maybe Pinterest? Instagram? Before I do, I want to make sure that I’ll get maximum return for the investment of my time.

    By the way, I already was following you on all those links that you put up, except for Pinterest.

    • Thanks for following me – so you can see how crazy I am trying new things. I think advertising is key, but I guess I was trying the old fashioned (and inexpensive way) by trying to build followers, but the question begs “are my followers my readers?” I just don’t know. Let me know your user name on instagram so I can find you!

  5. This really resonates with me as well….trying to find that sweet spot of what works best for my target audience.

  6. Wow! You are on a lot of social media sites. I’m not sure I could manage them all. I just use the ones I like and tell my readers where to find me. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Those are the 4 I like the best and I don’t really think about others. Maybe I should. I need to be more intentional about finding my audience instead of expecting them to find me. Great post!

  7. I am on several sites but I am only active on a handful. I use IFTTT to link all my social media streams that way I don’t have to hover over all of them. If I have something I want to share I just have to share it once and then I’m done IFTTT takes care of the rest.

  8. A couple of years ago, I experimented with Twitter and Facebook to see which one would drive more traffic to my blog. I did that because its easy to monitor the source of blog visits using Statcounter. I discovered that I did much better with Twitter — maybe 10 times better. Facebook was much more of a time sink, so I cut it back. Once my test was over, I started sending the traffic to the book pages on Amazon.

    My tweets are almost all automated via Hootsuite, although I check notifications / mentions daily and respond to conversational gambits or retweet if there’s someone that I’m not already tweeting for who RT’d me more than once.

    For what it’s worth, I have around 900 likes on my FB author’s page, and about that number of friends on my personal page. There’s some overlap. On Twitter, I have around 32,000 followers, and a substantial percentage are readers, writers, or both. From my perspective, ArtKNB is the group on FB with the highest value.

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