Muses… Are They Real? I Believe They Are.

museI’ve heard many discussions on the topics of muses. Are they real? What do they really mean? I ask you this. Have you ever uttered the words, “I can’t write right now. My muse isn’t speaking to me.” Well, I have. In fact, it happens to me a lot. The question begs, is it true, has my muse deserted me, or am I just too pre-occupied with other things to do the task at hand?

I have a very dear editor friend who told me that “muses are a load of $%^&!” That if you want to write, you just sit down and do it. That it has nothing to do with a muse and it’s all about you. That if you’re committed and want to produce, you need to suck it up and just write. I’ve kindly listened to this, but I have a different interpretation. Yes, I can sit down and just write, but will they be good words? Or just words? I truly believe that there’s this part of me, some inner essence that comes out when it’s feeling more creative than other times. I call it my muse, though in reality, it may very well just be my mood. Perhaps, and most likely, they are one and the same. You see, there are moments when I simply have no ideas in my head. Nothing compels me to write, to draw, to cook, or to create. Usually at those times I’m too tired, too busy, or too overwhelmed with life and I can’t string two words together that I’d ask someone to purchase. But, out of the blue, there are other times, and incredible moments, when I feel like I have this superpower and I get this great idea and get “in the zone” and can write for hours.

My most recent, my lovely Aunt...

My most recent, my lovely Aunt…

It’s in these weird little bursts of internal creativity that make me believe I have a muse. For instance, I’ve never really drawn or been an artist, but for some reason I took up sketching a month ago and I feel like my little artistic muse has jumped out. I can’t honestly say I’m an artist. I can’t just sit and draw a person, or a scene, or sometimes even stick figures in a straight line. Even now, each time I pick up that sketching pencil, I don’t have that confidence that something brilliant will be produced (or forget about being brilliant, how about legible?). So I stare at my sketch pad until I feel the urge. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t, but when I feel that internal pull, I can’t do anything but try to answer it and in those moments, I do feel like I’ve been given a gift and my “muse” is talking to me. With her, I can do something I normally can’t seem to do on a daily basis.

I feel like a muse is a part of our personality. The part that is creative and reflective. I believe they’re real and if they’re ignoring you, maybe you need to take a break from whatever you’re forcing yourself to do. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of saying “come on, just give yourself a moment to not try to be brilliant all the time.” Step back and let it rest. Let things stew, because I believe those ideas and gifts will come to us when we’re ready to accept them. And that’s when our muse will set us free.

16 thoughts on “Muses… Are They Real? I Believe They Are.

  1. I always wondered what a muse was, too. Maybe it is just a mood you get into, where the creative part of you comes to the forefront. I do know there are times you just can’t shut it off, and other times nothing is coming through at all. … Oh, your drawing is awesome! 🙂

    • Thank you so much. The hardest part for me is that I’m in the middle of a drawing, and there’s NO part of me that has any idea how to finish it and I’m kind of relying on my muse to pick up the slack. Maybe it’s also “confidence.” Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  2. My muse is shy and a nervous nelly…if anything is going on in my personal, financial, or work relationships that isn’t running along smoothly Musey just shuts up and hides in the tall grass. I have to work really hard to get her to come out and play when my world is upside down. I keep thinking that one day when I am more settled as a writer or my bank account is more flush Musey will stick around more.

  3. I tend to think like you Elyse. I can write at any time but the words are not great until the muse hits. I will say writing even when I don’t feel the muse creates discipline. But I feel MUCH more productive when the muse hits.

  4. Is your muse in you, is it part of the universe, is it your relationship with the universe, or is it some kind of minor deity? Does it make a difference? I’ve always noticed my “muse” speaks loudest and clearest when the deadline looms close.

  5. For me, my muse is a multi-tasker. Hmm? That’s a fancy word for disorganized. My muse gives me too many different ideas and I need to force myself to concentrate on one focal point or I go off half-cocked on a willy-nilly ride. Even when I think the “bestest line ever written” was given to me by the muses, it can find itself on the cutting floor if it doesn’t work. Keep up the artwork and writing, you have talent.

  6. I have to think of a character before I write, see them in a scene, hear what they are saying, and feel what problems they are having. I guess that means my “muse” changes each time I start to write. Whichever character is speaking to me gets written, but when they all are silent I start thinking of a new character and they all start talking again. I love to add a villain into the story line and then things start popping. I have a harder time when I’m supposed to plot out a mystery because that seems like work–I retired from working and don’t want to do that again. I never thought about drawing but that sounds fun. Which character needs a face? Hmmm.

  7. You are a gifted artist, Elyse. Keep at that!!! And as for what a muse is… put the two words “a” and “muse” together… At least in my case, when I am amused, I am inspired, and thus begins a blog post about being addicted to a Tortilla sized hormone patch. I’ve never had writer’s block. Perhaps it’s because I don’t write fictional novels. I’ve not written myself ever into a corner. My topics are constantly changing. It makes for countless opportunities to write, and as long as I jot my “inspirations” down when they come, I’ve got endless subject-matter! 🙂 Apparently I’m amused non-stop. 🙂

  8. It took me a while to realize that when I feel that my muse has abandoned me, it’s their way of saying I should do something else for a bit, and refill the writing well.

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