Why I Wrote a Horror Anthology

Coming Summer 2015

Coming Summer 2015

Do you ever feel like you have a thousand things going on at once? I’ve got a full-time job, a pretty demanding family and I have all these side things I love to do. I know people who devote their efforts to one book at a time. When I’m in the zone I can do that, but right now I’m sort out there doing a ton of things instead. I’ve started both Book #3 in the Kelsey Porter Series, Book #3 in the FLYING series and I edited a romantic supernatural thriller I’ve for some insane reason been sending out to agents. (who, by the way 18 out of 25 of them have not responded after 3+ months). So, while I’ve been working on committing to something, I thought about all of the horror short stories I have in my computer, just sitting there. Most I’ve sent out to magazines for consideration. Many got very nice responses, but weren’t picked up. I then said, “why don’t I compile them all together into a book?”

And that’s how RICKET ROW came to be. I took all my horror, vampire, zombie and just plain creepy short stories from 2K – 5K words in length, and the shorter flash fiction pieces that are about 1500 words max, then added the micro flash fiction of 100 words each and then for fun, threw in my 140 character horror twitter tweets. And that’s how I got the anthology together.

It’s at its second beta reader right now, then it is off to a final proofer and formatter and hopefully will be out into the world early summer. My feeling was, I wrote a horror tale called THE MANNEQUINS and it’s a creepy little book that’s getting some really nice responses. So, if folks enjoyed my horror novel, they’ll be sure to like this. Not to mention, now I’ll have another book in my inventory.

If you’d like to check out my horror tale THE MANNEQUINS and get a taste for how I write, feel free to check it out here: http://amzn.to/1DV9Z9V

And if you love the cover for Ricket Row, check out THE COVER COLLECTION. I was simply surfing through the web one day and came across this site and saw their pre-made horror covers, saw how reasonable they were and it was like an epiphany went off to get this book done. They were SUPER NICE and SUPER easy to work with. Seriously, the process with them was painless. I wrote them with three covers I liked, and the copy I wanted the cover to have and asked them for their advice. They responded with which ones they felt would work best. I chose this image and then they sent back 8 different designs with different fonts. I ended up with “design #7.” After I told them I loved it, within about 10 minutes I had the final JPEG version in my hands to use for promotion. Once the book is formatted and I know the page count and get the back blurb together, they will also work on the create space cover for me. All paid through paypal.

So, stay tuned for release news and feel free to check out my other works at my newly revamped web page at http://www.elysesalpeter.com

19 thoughts on “Why I Wrote a Horror Anthology

    • I do love horror, but the rest of the stuff sits in fantasy – not high fantasy like elves or dragons but more supernatural. I think it’s making it harder to sell things across the spectrum of my work.

  1. Good to read of someone’s progress, for I never seem to have enough hours in my day… which means my progress is painfully slow, but at least something does happen eventually!

  2. I wasn’t sure about “Ricket Row” for a title – but now that I’ve seen the cover. OMG! AWESOME! And the title couldn’t be anything else. So looking forward to the release since the cover alone is so intriguing with the title.

  3. Thanks for the lead on affordable covers. Sometimes I wish I could just collect a bunch of my old stuff and make a book quickly. Then I remember that for me, creating a book is never a quick process.

    • I agree it’s never a quick process… I had these stories in my computer for years and years and many of them, if not most, had also been professionally edited. It really was a matter more of compilation. I re-edited the entire book, sent to a beta, re-edited it AGAIN and then it’s at another. I’ll send it to a proofer too. It sounds fast, but it was more like a 3 month project still.

  4. When I first started writing seriously, people told me to write short stories and get magazines to publish them. I wrote a few but no one grabbed them. It turned out that I had a hard time writing a short story without turning it into a novel. Now I take those old short pieces and make the novels I always wanted to write.

    Of course I have a few shorts that just don’t fit into that time line, so I add them as bonus material to another novel to encourage a reader to pick up another book. I have two short stories added to DRAGON KNIGHT that my readers really like. I may turn one of them into a longer novel and the other takes place after THE ALPHAS. I also use short spurts of writing about a specific character to get me rolling on a book I’m planning to write. Since I write mysteries, sci-fantasy, and now a fairy tale, I keep all the “ideas” ready for times when I get stuck. The characters are impatiently waiting while I work.

    • I do something like that too – I have a file called “story starters” where I’d simply write a page or two and then put them away. Those little starters have turned into books over the years. One turned into a short story that did get picked up by a magazine. These short stories I have are a little quirky and don’t seem to fit in horror slasher or true sci-fi so I figured, why not? Put them in a book. It’s a decent size so I think people will have enough to wet their whistle and hopefully if they like this will pick up the horror novel.

  5. You have encouraged me to put together my more creepy short stories into a collection for Halloween this year….Thanks!

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