Why you Must Monitor Comments to your Posts on Social Media Sites

hesaidwhatLet’s start with this provocative statement. THERE ARE CRAZY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. No, really. There are. And there is no better way to see them than on the internet.

I’ve never met a medium that allows virtual strangers to post things that should a) never be mentioned in public b) can be so viciously mean that you would never say these things live to someone’s face or c) show their absolute ignorance and insensitivity on a topic.

I read comments and look at what people post all the time and I’m floored that the majority of the world really does think differently than I do. (I’m not claiming to be the “be all, end all” but I think I’m sort of normal). But, it scares me that there’s so many people that do not share my same values and beliefs. And you never quite know who they are. Most seem like regular people who we stand next to in line, live next door to and we never know what really lies in their souls.

But the ones that post, we do. So, when you post you must monitor the comments that might come in. Thankfully, most of the time the comments to my posts that take a strange turn are just plain odd. Google+ is my biggest issue. I’ll do a post about writing, about anything, and the comments I get have nothing to do with anything. Here are some recent examples.

Post: “”Writer’s Block… It’s okay to take a break… Really.” Let’s chat at my blog: https://elysesalpeter.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/writers-block-its-okay-to-take-a-break-really/
#writersblock #gardening #creativity 

Comment: “if wont know m man i was his wife at one time he is a woman beaterand he get off on ithechace woman dos dope rock ciccan is his couse”

WHAT? What in the world is this person thinking? Why would they post this and take the time to comment on my post? I have since deleted the comment. I don’t even know if it’s spam or if this person is just highly under the influence or simply can’t spell and has issues.

POST: A video post about a little boy buying food for a homeless man at Waffle House: What we can learn from a 5 Year Old – Be kind, not everyone has what we have and it only takes a little.”

Comment: “Sorry, Good Luck.” 

WHY is this man sorry? Why say this? It’s not even relevant.

POST: “Why I Wrote a Horror Anthology.” It’s time to get all those short stories together and out of your computer… https://elysesalpeter.wordpress.com/2015/05/10/why-i-wrote-a-horror-anthology/

COMMENT: The Ricket Row of any anthology of any horror and of deciding, which to publish from my own personal collection or anthology is a horror of its own and can be quite pathetically disturbing in its own nature, and as to why, perhaps some would never disguise that true reason.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Is he trying to show his erudition and be esoteric? I think he’s trying to engage me in a conversation about his own personal experiences but it’s so hard to figure out what he wants me to respond to.

POST: I will never let age be a factor in getting in the way of my dreams…#perseverance #dreaming
90This was a photo of a man in his 90’s writing his first best seller.

Comment. (There are two separate ones from the same guy.) “Zack the ru .U” and “Download google play”

WHY would he take the time to comment on this? Why? Even if he were bored, what is the point? Not to mention that nearly 40% of the posts will have a reply comment of “Hi, Ur Beutifil, Hi Friend, Ur Hair is nice, I want to %^&% you.” Delete, delete, delete (well, I keep the “hi’s” but I don’t respond hi back or like it.)

So, go through your social media now and again and make sure that nothing in there is irrelevant, too ridiculous or offensively blasphemous so that when people do go and comment, they don’t see these things in the thread. I’m all for free speech, but not on my dime.


12 thoughts on “Why you Must Monitor Comments to your Posts on Social Media Sites

    • You’ve done it to people you KNOW? Actually, now that I think about it, I’m not surprised. Even our most devout friends and family can fall victim to the belief you can write anything with no impunity. Crazy.

  1. I needed to read this; thank you for such a grounding piece, sprinkled with some needed humor on such a depressing topic. I, too, am disturbed by how few people seem to “think like me” (also not trying to sound arrogant) in the comments. Then I remind myself that people who tend to “think like me” — those who are perhaps a bit more aware, empathetic, and well-read — are often those who are too busy to respond to the internet trash that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. They’re too busy doing real things with their lives to get caught up in an online war of words with a lunatic. At least, this is what I have to believe. We’re out there; we have to be.

    • I try very hard not to engage the lunatics. It does us no good, but I can delete the comments and they usually are not knowledgeable that I even did that. Take care and thank you so much for commenting!

  2. What really gets me are all the robotic spam comments I get. Most make no sense. Does anyone really buy fake Michael Kors bags because of these things?

  3. I’ve only had this happen a few times. I can’t help but wonder if these are “bots” or actual people? Also-it’s fairly easy to discern when it is someone who speaks a different language. The translating tool they use is not very accurate in choosing the words they intend to use or the spelling. Are people really that crazy? Who knows, but I would much rather not have the contact at all than deal with weirdness.

  4. I’ve had lonely men hit on me through Facebook and luckily can delete them as contacts. Since I have not blogged much, I haven’t received weird comments, yet. Thanks for reinforcing my decision to monitor the comments. Such strange people out there!

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