A Review of THE HUNT FOR XANADU by Douglas Preston

THE HUNT FOR XANADU Doug Cover“The Hunt for Xanadu by Elyse Salpeter is a remarkable novel, a fascinating and fantastical journey in time and space, and one of the most gripping novels I’ve read in a long time. It flies along at the pace of a thriller, with plenty of murder and mayhem along the way. But behind the thrill-ride is a spiritual story, an archetypal tale of mystery and darkness, riddled with fascinating and esoteric concepts in Tibetan Buddhism. Vivid characters, a truly appealing protagonist, unexpected twists, and crisp writing complete this unforgettable book. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!”

–Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author and co-creator, with Lincoln Child, of the Pendergast series

My journey: I have been a fan of the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child Aloysius Pendergast books for years. That series embodies to me what I wanted to create as a writer. Well thought out, unique characters that stick with you, emotional situations that are both believable, yet fantastical, and something that was smart, well written and where I think I learn something new with each book.

So, I embarked on my Kelsey Porter series with the mindset that I would “write a book that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child would enjoy reading.” I used them as my bar for this series of books.

I’m on their fan page, I interact, I’ve gone to all the NY signings and in the meantime, just kept writing my books. Well, four years later, I got up the guts to see if Douglas would ever consider reading my novel since it is in the vein he writes. This author is so incredibly busy and accomplished, I frankly don’t even know when he eats, so this endeavor made me steel my heart for any response. Well, we chatted back and forth about the book, it was indeed up his alley, he suggested I send it, he did read it and above is the result!

My journey with this series began with the goal to write a book he’d enjoy…. mission complete.

If you’re interested in checking the series out for yourself, the novels are The Hunt for Xanadu, The Quest of the Empty Tomb and now Book #3, The Search for the Yeti’s, is presently with my editor. My hope is to get it out early 2016.

If you’d like to purchase the first two novels in the series, feel free to click here:

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1CEvEab
UK Amazon: http://amzn.to/1Cp2awz

US AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1EvXExO
UK AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1JSRNqT

Reach for your dreams, folks… the universe may very well answer.

11 thoughts on “A Review of THE HUNT FOR XANADU by Douglas Preston

  1. I don’t see why Mr. Preston wouldn’t enjoy your book – it is an amazing, well-told, exciting tale and one he should enjoy. Congrats – well done. Now, get Stephen King to read your horror stories. I’d like to try your method but my writing hero passed in 1950.

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