Sorry for the Absence…

backSorry for the little vacation I took from my blog. This might seem like a bit of a lame excuse, but WordPress changed the layout on me and for months I could not figure out how to create a post without causing me some stress. I wanted the original layout that I had been using. Normally when I get stumped by technology, I set out to conquer the challenge and find the answer. I tweeted wordpress for help, emailed their helpline and nothing, so instead, I took a little break. I had other things to do, nothing was ready to be published or promoted and my day job was keeping me super busy. But today, after playing around, I found the original appearance and so I jumped on it to say hello to everyone.

But, I have not been idle all this time! I have completed Book #3 in the Kelsey Porter Series. I’m so excited and I really think people will enjoy it. (my two beta readers have told me it’s the best in the series!) I was going to release it myself, but I have to wait just a bit more time… you see the first two books in the series are sitting right now at a publishing house with an editor for consideration. If she does pick them up, book #3 will be hers first. I know it’s a huge long shot, but I’ve always had a dream to have a big house represent my novels, so I’m going into this “cautiously optimistic” and if they don’t want the book, then I’ll publish it myself. I’ll know the answer most likely within the next month.

So let me tell you a bit about it and give you a sneak peek at the cover designed by Laura LaRoche! THE CALL OF MOUNT SUMERU FINAL

Book #3 is titled THE CALL OF MOUNT SUMERU

Behind every myth and legend… is a measure of truth.

On the heels of THE QUEST OF THE EMPTY TOMB, Kelsey Porter returns to NYC with her world turned upside down. Her brother has turned on her, her boyfriend is missing, and she’s left with a mysterious manuscript no one can decipher. It’s not until she goes searching for the elusive legend of Bigfoot at a Buddhist Monastery in Alaska that she finds herself, yet again, thrust into situations that seemingly are beyond her control. Why are children suddenly missing across the Pacific Northwest? Where did Desmond disappear to? And, are these mysterious creatures in the woods really Yetis? It’s these questions she pursues and they bring her full circle back to Buddhist spiritual mysteries, and this time it’s not her life that hangs in the balance, but the lives of an entire civilization.

If you’d like to purchase the first two novels in the series, feel free to click here:

UK Amazon:



14 thoughts on “Sorry for the Absence…

  1. Beautiful cover, Elyse. Congratulations to you and Laura and fingers crossed for a publisher.

    I hear you about WordPress. The new format drives me insane AND it comes and goes. Sometimes I have the old format and other times the new one. Are you able to make the old one the default?

    • Ok, I THINK I found it. It took me another five minutes to find it and get to THIS page to reply. I think you scroll on the left ALL the way to the bottom to WP Admin and it takes you to the format I’m used to. At least it worked this time. Not easy. Thanks about the cover – she really captured the entire series covers so well.

  2. Love your cover! The colors soothe and the objects pop. Can’t wait to read it. Also, I took a bit to re-find your blog. Glad you are back Elyse! 💜😃

  3. I’ve been privileged to see the manuscript for The Call of Mount Sumeru, and let me tell you, readers are in for a real treat! Loved it!

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