Today is my Birthday. Embracing myself, and my Curls.

Embracing my Curls

Embracing my Curls

Today I turned 49.

I have a hard time saying that without wanting to throw up a little in my mouth. 49. That means I’ll be 50 next year. When I was younger, I considered that old. But I don’t feel old. I feel like I’m 30. Not younger, because I’ve had kids, I’ve had jobs, I’ve lost people I loved. Life has afforded me the luxury to feel like I’m 30, but my body sometimes tells another story.

Those daily aches and pains getting up in the morning. (when did I start groaning when I got out of bed?) How I need to watch my sugar, watch my artificial sweetener intake, moisturize my skin, make sure I exercise and do everything I can so I “don’t get old.” I don’t want to become that person that just sits in a chair all day and watches the world go by. I don’t want to be that person that says, “I want to live my life the way I want to live and if that means eating jelly donuts when I have diabetes, that’s quality of life!” No it isn’t. That’s denial and I don’t want to live sickly and then die early because I chose to continually make choices that hurt me.

When I get to 50, I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to do a photo shoot for everyone IN A BIKINI saying “This is 50!” (not that I ever really wore a bikini, nor probably should at that age, but I’d like to try). And I’d like to learn to embrace my curls instead of flat-ironing them all the time. I live in New York and straight hair is golden here. Heck, there are Dry Bars all over where you can go in and get a blow-out. But, it’s time to be me every now and then. For my birthday I just went out and bought all these Deva products for curly hair. Spent a small fortune, but NY humidity in summer is nothing to joke about, folks.

Boot Camp RopeI made a bunch of goals for myself when I turned 40. I was going to start publishing my books. (I did, and now have 9 out!), I wanted a famous author to read one of my books AND LIKE IT! (Douglas Preston gave me a review for THE HUNT FOR XANADU!), I was going to start Tae Kwon Do. (I did and 5 years later got my black belt!). I took a serious boot camp class for five months and wanted to be able to climb up the rope to the ceiling (did it!) And I wanted to travel someplace crazy with my family. (we went on an Alaskan cruise!)

But now I want to conquer a whole new group of goals. Some will take a few years, but some I want to do before my next birthday. So here they are:

I want to run a 1/2 marathon. I want to lose 15 lbs and get in good enough shape to do that bikini shot for my next birthday. I want to go to Italy and other places around the world I’ve never been. I want to visit my mom more. I want to take my daughter on a vacation somewhere, just the two of us. I want to be a raging success at my new job, and I want to publish the next book in my Kelsey Porter Series. I’d also LOVE to take singing lessons. I want to go to Karaoke one day and surprisingly be able to belt out a song by Celine Dion or Kelly Clarkson and shock the people around me who never thought I could sing. I think that would be a hoot.

So, remember… bikini shot at 50 next year. Put it out to the universe, do the work and just maybe it will happen. And what do you think of the curls? They work? I think they may be a keeper!


14 thoughts on “Today is my Birthday. Embracing myself, and my Curls.

  1. Elyse, it is time to be you… not the you expected by everyone else, but the you, you want to be. Maybe straight hair is ‘golden’ but you could set the trend for curls. Why try to fall into the system established by another? Set your own standard! Set your own world! Being 50 in a bikini? Why not? I’ve seen other women do it, some with poise and style, and others that really shouldn’t have tried but were proud enough to break out of the shadow. As the one woman said “I’ve always wanted to wear a bikini and realized if I didn’t do it now, I’d never do it later since I can’t seem to lose the weight, but gain.” Yes, she was plump but at least she tried and realized a goal and didn’t worry what others would say. It was a once in a lifetime experience she will treasure. No, she isn’t running up and down the beach every day in that bikini – just a moment in time for her. May your goals be low enough to attain but high enough to be quality. Uh, Happy Birthday, too. I made 50. I made 60. Uh, at the end of this year I will be 70. Do I feel 70? Of course not! Sometimes I feel 30, other times I feel 100. I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s all good… even just sitting on the front porch… oh, wait, that was my blog entry this week. LOL. Enjoy life and do what YOU want to do and not be dictated to by others.

  2. As I have grown older, an embarrassing suspicion has been creeping into my mind. All of the elderly relatives and people I have visited in nursing homes, probably still felt youthful in their minds. Maybe even more so than those that are younger as they have so many memories to draw on. I say make great memories and embrace a new decade and as Bob said, set your own standards. The curls look good on you and you are condident enough to rock them!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lyse! I’m staring at 59 in October and it scares me down to my bvds! My dad said at 88, he still felt in his head like he was 18. I guess that never changes. Good luck on your goals!

  4. Curls and bikini. Go for it. And congrats on your goals so far. We are only as old as we feel and all that jazz. (I don’t feel like I’m in my 40s, either.)

    Happy birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day. 🙂

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