Ever Use Ebay To Pay For Your Writing Efforts?

ebay imageAs many of you know, I tend to do a lot of things at once. I’ve got a full time sales job, I write, and I’ve got a family. I’m finding it a little hard to manage all of it, but hey, that’s life and now, I want to release a few more books to the world, but find myself needing funds.

So, one writer suggested I try selling stuff on ebay to pay for edits and covers. I’ve bought and sold on ebay before, but I’ll be honest, I’ve not made any sort of killing. I once sold 25 articles of boy’s clothing for $2.99. Really? It wasn’t even worth my time to pack up the stuff. I think I might have even lost the money on the shipping. Though I did clean out my son’s closet, so I guess that was good.

Nevertheless, I’m going to try again. Why not? My house is filled with great games, clothes and video games my kids have outgrown. I’ve given away so many things to so many people that maybe I should attempt to sell it and bring some of that money back “in-house.” But does it work? Will I make enough to change my book cover for my young adult novel, FLYING TO THE LIGHT? I don’t know, but I’m going to give it a try. First product up is a LeapPad game that’s still in the plastic case it came in. My kids never even got a chance to play this and for some reason I kept it around for eight years! Yeesh. Interested? Make a bid here (and so far there are none after 2 days… sigh):

Have any of you had success with ebay? What works best? No minimum price, a minimum price or a buy it now option? I’ve decided it’s like my books – I’m putting a price on it and we’ll see what sells and hopefully I’ll a) make enough money to pay for some things and b) clean up my house!

Love to hear your thoughts.