Why in the World am I on TikTok?

It seems like every few months there is a new form of social media technology to conquer. I made a deal with myself that I would never shy away from technology and have made a promise to at least get on and try to use whatever platform was now trending.

My goal is not to go viral. I mean, I’m lucky I can figure out the user face of each platform. I never figured out Tumblr. I couldn’t even get myself past the home page!

But I’m on Facebook, with an author page, too. I have two Instagram accounts, one for my “life” and the other about paleo-ish recipes I make. Then there’s snapchat, which I hardly ever use, unless I want to play with funny filters. Pinterest was big with me for a long time. I have so many boards, but now I only go on occasionally. Twitter and I have a love/hate relationship. I have over 29,000 followers but get very little engagement on there. What’s the point of that many followers if no one is responding?

If you’d like to follow me on any of the above platforms, check out my and you’ll be able to get to all of them.

So now there’s tiktok. My daughter is pretty big on TikTok, having gotten verified a few months ago, so I thought why not learn how to make videos? I’ve done a few that I thought were good. (though my kids roll their eyes at me). My issue, as is my issue on every social media platform I do, is that I’m not focused on one thing. I love to write, to cook, to do triathlons, to travel, to be with family and friends. It’s like my writing. I don’t write in one genre, but five!

That said, I’ve made a few tiktoks that have gotten a few hundred views and hit 1K followers, which allows me to “Go Live.” I have made a decision that on Thursday nights, at 8 EST, I am going to do a horror read. That’s where I’ll chat with anyone that comes on and after a few minutes I’ll read a short flash fiction story from my short story horror collection, Ricket Row. I did it last Thursday and read AWAKE. I have to say, the two people that were there were kind! LOL! Hopefully I’ll get a larger audience this week. I’ll report.

What kind of social media do you focus on? Have you tried TikTok yet? Love to hear.

Creativity Comes in all Forms – Time to Step Out of Your Box

My Aloysius Pendergast fan fic ala: Paul Bettany

My Aloysius Pendergast fan fic ala: Paul Bettany

Last week I touched on a recent illness that happened where I landed in the hospital for a week. For a full week AFTER I didn’t have the energy to do more than maybe turn on my phone. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t write. I mean, here I am a writer and I couldn’t wrap my head around creating more than a blog post and I couldn’t get enough attention span to read more than a page or two while I lay in bed.

Another Bettany

Another Bettany

But, three days home, I dragged myself out with my son to our art class. You see, a few weeks before I got ill, we decided to take art classes together. So, every Wednesday we spend an hour, just the two of us and an instructor, and we do whatever lesson she has planned. We’ve created bubble people, painted, we’re doing anime and for a few weeks we did Grid Art. I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw. I have all these ideas in my head, crazy made-up animals I’d like to recreate on paper, and people I’d like to draw. So that art class spurred me to make a grid and try to draw on my own. I took myself out, bought a bunch of shading pencils and a drawing pad, and it turns out, I don’t think I’m all that bad. I put a few of them on Facebook and got a lot of reactions. Most were, “You can draw, too?” Um, I didn’t think I could. I’m just sort of dabbling, but my mom even called me the other day and exclaimed, “I don’t understand where this is coming from. People don’t just start drawing. I don’t believe I ever remember you excelling at art.” But I happen to come from a family where there are a lot of amazing artists, my mom used to paint, my sister is ridiculously creative, a few of my cousins are just amazing at it. Maybe there’s some latent gene that just popped out with me, I don’t know.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino

It’s kind of funny. I don’t know if I’m any good or not, but I find it soothing and challenging and I’m using a part of my brain that’s not being taxed to put words on paper, or concentrating on remembering what is happening in the scene of the book I’m reading. If I want to repetitively draw and shade the same spot over and over, my mind can wrap around that. While I get myself healthy, I’m still creating, so I feel like I’m still “moving ahead” (dang my Type “A” mentality) So I think I’m going to keep going for a while. See where it takes me. I’d LOVE to get better at this. So far I’ve tried Paul Bettany and Al Pacino. I think Robin Williams or Charlie Sheen might be next – found some good black and white photos with contrast I can use.

So I leave all my creative types with this… what else can you do? Do you ever step outside your box? You should give it a try. I bet there’s a whole lot out there to explore that you never thought you could do.