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Cover Reveal – THE RUBY AMULET – coming November, 2013

I’ve made a huge decision. One that took a tremendous amount of soul searching. I always thought the holy grail was to find a literary agent and get my book into a big publishing house. But, the industry is changing and the brick and mortar stores may not even be in business in ten years. While I sit here querying and begging folks to read and represent my finished, professionally edited works, life is moving by… and fast. So, I’ve taken the plunge, I am going indie and getting my novels out. I’m going to join writing contests, going to promote and see where this dream leads.

THE WORLD OF KAROV, my first dark fantasy novel, came out in December, 2012. The sequel, THE RUBY AMULET, will be released in November 2013. THE HUNT FOR XANADU, a thriller about a young girl on a quest to avenge the murder of her parents, will be scheduled for January or February, 2014. I have been blessed to have a literary agent for two Young Adult Novels, FLYING TO THE LIGHT and FLYING TO THE FIRE, and he’s working tirelessly to sell them but so far, nada. Fingers crossed for them to find a home. I’ve got a few more books in my computer, just waiting to be set free. It’s time to get them into editor’s hands and send them off to the world. So, that said, here is the cover reveal of THE RUBY AMULET. I just absolutely love it. Thank you Laura LaRoche, from BZHercules.com

THE RUBY AMULET, Book #2 in the Children of Demilee series.

The Ruby Amulet

Would love to hear what you think! And if you ever have ideas on how to promote a series, by all means feel free to share – I take any, and all, advice. 🙂