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Building an Email List – SWEEPSTAKES TO WIN A BOOK – 10 AVAILABLE!

First edition cover - only 20 left in existence!

First edition cover – only 20 left in existence!

Hi everyone, I’m getting my email newsletter up and running. My plan is to make announcements only monthly and/or if I have a new book release… which I will have by March.

Many of my readers have read my YA thriller, FLYING TO THE LIGHT. It’s a book about a young deaf boy who knows about the afterlife and now people are after him for the answer. The publishing company who represented this book folded and I was fortunate to have an agent pick it up. But, nearly a year later he still can’t sell it, or the sequel that is ready to go. Why? Because the book was “already out in the field” and publishing houses don’t want to take on another publishing house’s book unless I can confirm oodles of sales. While I was told FLYING TO THE LIGHT was the biggest seller at the old publishing house, my sales weren’t high enough to warrent a look. (think Harry Potter or Fifty Shades sales)

So, that said, he’s released them back to me. I’m working on a new cover and going to get it back out into the world. Which brings me back to newsletters. I’ve been told this will be the best and most efficient way to reach my readers. So, if you’d like to join my e-mail list for announcements, trivia and games, please do so here: http://elysesalpeter.com/contact.html I promise NEVER to sell or distribute your email to anyone else.

SWEEPSTAKES: The 10th person to join my newsletter is going to win a signed copy of FLYING TO THE LIGHT – with the original first cover. The 20th person will win a signed copy and so will the 30th. I will do this up until the 100th new newsletter fan! The contest will go until the new book cover is released in early March. How’s THAT for a sweepstakes?

Come on over folks and enter.