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Authors doing TikTok – Use the Inverted Filter

I have joined a few author groups on TikTok that support each other by liking and commenting on posts, along with sharing tips and tricks to help each other gain exposure on this platform. After being on TikTok for a few months, I’ve learned a few things. Not that I have a huge following right now – I have all of 1795 followers, but I have learned some tricks authors should do. Tip for Today:

USE THE INVERTED FILTER. I can’t tell you how many authors are doing these really amazing videos but don’t take that extra step to allow us to see their covers properly. When you do a tiktok, it shows the mirror image, which means your book cover is backwards. I’ve gone on and mentioned it to some authors that their video is great, but they should invert their video. Some have told me it’s “no big deal.” I beg to differ and think it’s really a bit lazy, if I may be so bold to say so. If someone can’t read your title, or read your name, how have you helped gain exposure for your work? All you have to do is use the “inverted filter” on TikTok. You do that, and you’re golden. We have to do everything in our power to make our work shine.

@jera.bean has a great video that teaches us how to do this and I implore everyone to take a peek to make your videos better.

Click Here to view it: I’m going to be posting little tips and tricks that I think can help people. If you have any that you think would be helpful, please let me know! I love to learn!

My Experience So Far with BookBub for THE MANNEQUINS

fb-ad-mannequins-with-textI’ve been trying to get a BookBub promotion for my Kelsey Porter Buddhist thriller series or my YA Deaf Flying series for well over a year. I’ve tried free, I’ve tried 99 cents, I’ve tried touting my professional covers, reviews, putting a famous author blurb on the front cover, I’ve touted that it’s a series… nothing has worked.

A collection of creepy horror tales...

A collection of creepy horror tales…

So, on a lark, I tried my standalone horror novel, THE MANNEQUINS at 99 cents… and it took. Sigh. One of the benefits of a BookBub is being able to sell other books in the series. With this being a standalone, I’m not sure I’ll be able to have much crossover. That said, I do have a horror anthology called RICKET ROW in my library of offerings, so possibly folks looking through my books could choose that as well.

I got the BookBub scheduled for 9/26. So, I put it out today (a day before) at 99 cents so I could be early, and I’ll keep it until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I’ve gone onto twitter, google+ and various horror facebook groups and promoted it. I boosted my facebook author post to horror and Stephen King fans, spending only $4 for the FB boost. But, the BookBub cost me $330 so I need to sell over 1000 books to break even on their ad. If I get any crossover sales, that will definitely help me to break even quicker.

So, next week, I will let all of you know how I did. Let’s hope I am able to grab some screen shots with some great top ten stats. I will say that I did get one sale today already from my efforts. Let’s hope another 1000 come in!

If you’re interested in a horror tale that has been described as “darkly imaginative,””creepy,” and “deliciously disturbing,” please check it out here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2cusood It’s 99 cents until 9/27. I’d love an honest review if you have the time.

Happy Reading! (and keep the lights on…)

Author Interviews and Highlights – Setting yourself up for your new book launch

Besides getting your website up, your author page up, your blog up, Twitter posts, ads and the multitude of other things you need to do for a book launch, you should try to get exposure on other people’s blogs and on book websites. It’s so important to branch out from your own fans and see if you can reach readers in different ways. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be included in a host of different venues over the past few weeks and on different sites to promote my novels, most recently, THE HUNT FOR XANADU.

I have to say, I loved doing every interview. Some of them were really challenging with their questions, some of them were funny and all of them really made me think. Here’s a few really amazing blogs to check out. And you may want to follow these folks as well:

If you want to find out why I stopped writing in the 9th grade and didn’t pick it up again until college, check out Frank Tuttle’s Blog here (think evil nasty English teacher and you’re on the right track!): http://frank-tuttle.blogspot.com/2013/12/foothot-five-first.html

Want to see what authors have inspired me and what my writing process is like? Check out Clive Eaton’s blog here: He does AWESOME interviews and writers should contact him for their own. http://www.cliveeaton.com/elysesalpeter.html

Want to learn something most people don’t know about me? How adventurous an eater I am? Check out Gwen Choate’s Blog here: http://www.gwenchoate.com/blog/

Want some great writing tips? Check out Bob Nailor’s tip site – excellent tips for writers: I learn something new every single week. http://bobnailor.com/tip_template.php?type=a&i=99

My updated Pinterest page with videos, covers and links. Click here: http://www.pinterest.com/elysesalpeter/elyse-salpeter-author/

Other places to check out?
Bookmamablog: http://bookmama2.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-hunt-for-xanadu-release-day-post.html
e-Reader Recon: http://ereaderrecon.com/
CleanIndieReads (for my cute short story): http://cleanindiereads.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-sun-and-star.html
GreatBookDeals: http://greatbooksgreatdealsnr.blogspot.com/2013/12/new-release-hunt-for-xanadu.html

These are just a few places to see where I’ve been promoting my work and where they live on websites. Get your lists together, and start promoting. And follow these great blogs and networks – they have a wealth of information!