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Twitter Analytic Insights – Yes, These Are Your Followers…

Gratuitous Cute Kitty Photo

Gratuitous Cute Kitty Photo

Did you know you can find out analytics on who is following you on Twitter? You can see gender, interests, where they are from… It’s really interesting to learn. I have some author friends who’ve been blown away by the types of people following them. For me, it’s sort of what I expected. I am reaching a dual gender audience, who likes books, predominantly from the US, though there is a nice 14% following from the UK. They are interested mostly in books, mystery and crime and my top locations are NY, LA, UK and PA.

I guess the idea is that if I wish to do a small twitter campaign, I could segment this audience to reach only those people that fit into the top criteria of my most segmented demographic. The question is… will that help me sell books? I’m not sure, but I do intend to find out.

So, want to see your Twitter Analytics? Go to Twitter and then go to your “home page.” Find that little wheel looking “thingie.” On the new layout it should be on the very top right hand side and to the right of the “search” box. Then scroll down to Twitter ads, from there you look at the top of the page – the black bar and you’ll see Analytics. Click on that, and then click on followers. It will tell you all your follower stats.

I’ve also started playing around – it’s interesting to click on the analytics option, too, and see how effective your tweets have been – scroll through all of this – there’s a wealth of information they are providing right at your fingertips. I can gauge who is interacting with the tweet and which tweet actually generated a clickthru! I plan on watching this a lot and trying to see if there is a way I can use my followers more effectively with this information. I have even started adding photos to my tweets and this stat will also show you if people click on the photo. All of this is information you can use to help your tweets be their most effective.

If any of you have done a twitter ad against analytics, I’d LOVE to hear how it went or how you’ve used this information effectively for promotions.

And hoped you liked the gratuitous kitty picture – apparently this is something that helps stats – LOL – I’ll let you know.

NOTE: as of 5/19!!! I just found out that not everyone has this feature yet and it’s a ROLL-OUT! You see, I’m just learning these things too – so if it’s not working and you can’t find some of the things I’m listing, I apologize and… they coming!