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Book Trailer for THE RUBY AMULET, coming November 25th!

Later this month I’m releasing THE RUBY AMULET, Book #2 in my Dark Fantasy Series. I had a lot of great reviews for THE WORLD OF KAROV, Book #1 in the series, and I’m really excited to get the second book in market.

If you’d like to take a peek at what the novel is about, here’s the book trailer. It was created by the very talented Laura Wright LaRoche and I’d recommend her to anyone. She’s incredibly reasonable, friendly, fast and delightful to work with. I met her through BZhercules.com, who is having a special right now on book trailers for only $35.99. (yes, that’s what I said – I wasn’t kidding when I said reasonable). Here’s the link to check out their special: http://www.bzhercules.com/catalog/item/8475156/9382505.htm

So without further ado, please see the amazing job they did for me for THE RUBY AMULET: