Six Sentence Sunday

This is my Six Sentence Sunday excerpt of FLYING TO THE LIGHT. The boys are on the run…


Day 4—Thursday, 5:00 a.m.

He felt old. Not the kind of old where someone simpers along in a blessed Alzheimer’s oblivion and nurses tend to your every need, but the kind of old that nightmares bring. The old that if he closed his eyes to go to bed for the night, there would be the lingering fear he might not wake up in the morning—that this might be his last cognizant night on Earth.

Michael was so terrified he couldn’t breathe. His safe, little world had shifted out of its comfortable orbit the moment his parents were kidnapped, propelling him to places he never dreamed imaginable. Suddenly, there was horror everywhere and nothing was what it appeared to be.


FLYING TO THE LIGHT is available on Amazon, Cool Well Press and on Barnes and Noble


12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hi! You never know when you click on a SSS name, what genre you’re going to find. I write and read erotic romance, not YA.(Although I am a big Harry Potter fan). But, I found your snippet very interesting and I clicked on your link to Flying to the Light. It sounds like a fascinating read.

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