Halloween Food Ideas – the Party that isn’t Happening

Guacamole vomiting pumpkin

Guacamole vomiting pumpkin

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I’ve been waiting for my kids to get old enough to finally throw a real party. You know, the spooky kind where I transform the entire downstairs of the house into a dark nightmare with great themed music and put out crazy food. Playing a scary movie like The Purge or The Exorcist in the background. Where they can dress up and be creative. I’ve been collecting Pinterest ideas all year long and now I’m ready.

But, you know who isn’t ready? MY KIDS! My pre-teens have decided that it’s “not cool” and they don’t want me to throw a party. I’m stunned. Disappointed. Bummed. Crushed. You name it. One of the greatest joys of parenthood is the opportunity to act like a kid again. Trust me, when they wanted to play with Barbies, I was all in! When they wanted a tea party, I sat on that little chair and sipped water out of plastic cups and pretended to eat fake cake. When they wanted to play legos for hours, the real geek in me showed up and I eagerly sat on the floor with them.

beef jerky scabs

beef jerky scabs

But now this? No Halloween party? Sadly, this year, I guess not. But, for those of you who are interested, here is the link to the Pinterest Halloween Food ideas if you’re in need of your own great, disgusting and/or fun ideas. The meatloaf baby, the vomiting pumpkin, Jell-O worms made with straws and the bowl of beef jerky scabs are some of my favorites. Oooh, don’t forget using Nori sushi strips for Zombie skin, too! http://www.pinterest.com/elysesalpeter/halloween-themed-food-ideas/

So, to curb my disappointment, I’ve decided instead to decorate the entire front of my house. We do this every year and the kids “don’t seem to mind.” But, since they’re not letting me have a party, I think I’m going to take it to the next level and add some really cool sound and mist machines and really go all out. Ha! And they think they can stop me!

For those of you who love Halloween, keep your eyes out for my new horror tale, THE MANNEQUINS, which will be out this month. It’s about a film crew that gets stuck in an abandoned house and become prisoners in an alternate reality run by a madman I call the Preacher. The Mannequins Final This is a pretty cool cover and I think my cover artist did a really great job!

So, what are YOU doing for Halloween this year? I’d love to hear and live vicariously through you. My hope is that next year the kids think it will be “cooler” and then I can really party. Until then, eat lots of chocolate, scare a few kids (though not the cute little three year old princesses) and have a safe holiday!

13 thoughts on “Halloween Food Ideas – the Party that isn’t Happening

  1. I’m seriously thinking about dressing up as either the Ebola virus, the Obamacare website, or a variable rate mortgage. Or perhaps a tax return. My ex-employer’s weighed more than I did last year.

  2. I’d join you for a Halloween party! My favorite holiday, and now my girls are all grown with their own families, so no one here to really decorate for anymore. 😦 You have some great party ideas…maybe your kids will change their mind?

  3. I haven’t done a Halloween party in ages… and yes, they’re so much fun. We hosted a Halloween Block Party, even got the city to approve a bonfire. Costumes for everyone and everyone had a blast. An impromptu talent show was amazing – didn’t know the neighbors had it in them. Party went until 10pm and none of the neighbors seemed to complain about the noise. LOL. I love the guacamole dip idea. May have to consider something. Looking forward to the book.

  4. I agree, throw an adult party! We love going to all the local farms and picking pumpkins, enjoying cider and having family fun!

  5. They won’t let you throw a party? Now I know where the Mannequins idea came from. Definitely, do a grown-up party. Then you can REALLY gross your kids out. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

  6. I’ll be honest, Halloween is a bit of a meh for me – however, part of me does love the partying, the costumes and everything. It’s also not as big here in the UK as it is over in the States (though it is quite big). All sounds fun though!

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