A Healthy Halloween

Come on, even kids will eat this spooky snack!

Come on, even kids will eat this spooky snack!

Just the title of my blog post “A Healthy Halloween” sort of sounds sad, doesn’t it? I can hear people whining already,”What do you mean a healthy Halloween? No chocolate? No gummies? No high fructose corn syrup? What the heck are you doing to me, lady?” Work with me here. I’ve got some ideas for a Halloween Party where your guests will love the food and won’t be leaving with a stomach laden with artificial flavors and fifty ingredient fillers that they can’t even pronounce.
How fun is this?

How fun is this?

So, I started thinking… if I WERE to throw a healthy Halloween Party, or serve my kids fun spooky food, what would I serve? Here were some photos of super cool things I found on Pinterest that I think would be a hit for all age groups. While buckets of chocolates are cool, there are ways to integrate healthier food alternatives. Your guests won’t have any idea you just made a healthier choice for them. They’ll just think the food is “super spooky cool.”

Spaghetti as brains!

Spaghetti as brains!

Guacamole Brains via Cauliflower bowl

Guacamole Brains via Cauliflower bowl

I was also looking at a site called nuts.com and they have a host of foods as alternatives for the run-of-the-mill candy selection that Halloween is known for. Check out their site for some cool organic candies… I didn’t even know Gummy Bears could be organic! They also have gluten free, too!

A scary take on chocolate covered strawberries

A scary take on chocolate covered strawberries

I have so many ideas of foods I want to make. I’d make them for my kids but they’re suddenly “too cool” for this any longer. I swear, in 20 years they’ll look back and wish they’d let me do these things.
A new take on Deviled Eggs!

A new take on Deviled Eggs!

And for those of you who want to throw a Halloween Party with other cool ideas – here’s the entire pinterest page for you too look at. Seriously, I’ve been itching to throw one. I mean, we know how much I like horror books! Sigh, one day… https://www.pinterest.com/elysesalpeter/halloween-themed-food-ideas/


18 thoughts on “A Healthy Halloween

  1. Aw, geez, Elyse, you’re taking all the fun out of Halloween. Healthy? Really? Actually what a great idea. We’ve cut back drastically on ALL the holiday candies for the grandkids in lieu of other options. So we’re not necessarily the “favorite” grandparents at holidays but we know we’re hitting home with our kids,the dentists and doctors in our attempt at other treats. These look great – and I’ve got to try the guacamole in cauliflower. Ingenious!!!

  2. Such great ideas, Elysse, I might even throw a Halloween party (for adults) this year, using these recipes! Thanks, some of them I’ve seen before but some are new. As others have said, co-workers and adults can enjoy these treats, too, and dentist and doctors should be happy. Bob, your grandkids will thank you when they’re older.

  3. These do look great, but of course, the trade-off is they’re probably a lot of work. And I have to admit, I have a soft nostalgic spot for miniature chocolate bars – even though I know how bad they are for me.

    • I believe in moderation – a little chocolate for a little fruit – we really can’t give up our chocolates – I have a sweet spot for Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups myself. 🙂

  4. Wow, these are wonderful ideas for fun and nutritionally sound Halloween treats, Elyse. My Halloween-loving spouse hates candy yet would love most of the treat and meal ideas you’ve presented. Those banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins will definitely be a hit dessert this year.

    Thank you for collecting together so many creative ways to turn good food into Halloween treats, Elyse. Kudos and Happy (Healthy) Halloween! 🙂

  5. Looks yummy. Since I was diagnosed diabetic, I avoid all sugar already. I love the cute and healthy stuff, so I guess it’s time to make one for the next meeting I will attend, maybe those eggs with spiders. Thanks!

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